Congratulations to Brookdale’s student-athletes who have proven time again that they are just as competitive and successful in the classroom as they are in their sport.

The following are a list of the student-athletes who have earned – Fall 2023 – All-Region Academic Honors. To earn this honor, student-athletes participating in a fall sport need to achieve a GPA of at least a 3.25 or higher.

Fall 2023 – All-Region Academic Team

Women’s Soccer
Allison Dillon
Ryann Bannerman
Catherine Delia
Hailey Funkhouser
Jordyn Gavini
Adyson Hornberger
Ashley Palmieri

Men’s Soccer
Brent Glantz
William Labruno
Sandro Louis

Men’s Cross Country
Lance Bennette
Joshua Cabral
Aiden Casucci
Jack Kratka
Isaias Usurin

Women’s Cross Country
Madison Fernandez
Angelina Lardiere

Women’s Volleyball
Brandi Donatelli
Denise Gonzalez-Cruz
Sophia Sabbio
Gabriella Smith
Lyndsay Truchan

Women’s Basketball
Allison Dillon
Ryann Bannerman
Madison Fernandez
Emily O’Keeffe
Ashley Ventura

Men’s Basketball
Regan Burke