The Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership

The Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership is coming to Lincroft!

The Brookdale-Rutgers Partnership is moving to Lincroft this fall!

Rutgers and Brookdale are celebrating their 20-year partnership with Rutgers’ move from the Freehold campus to Brookdale’s main campus in Lincroft.   Classes will be up and running in Larrison Hall for the Fall 2018 semester.

Since 1998, Rutgers University has been an important educational partner for us: they were an original member of our New Jersey Coastal Communiversity and are now one of Brookdale’s three University Partners, along with Georgian Court University and New Jersey City University.

Rutgers currently enrolls over 500 central New Jersey students yearly, who choose from 50+ upper division courses.

The following Rutgers degree programs through the Rutgers / Brookdale partnership:

  • B.A. in Business Administration
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies
  • B.S. in Labor and Employment Relations
  • B.A. in Liberal Studies
  • B.A. in Political Science
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • B.A. in Social Work
  • B.S. in Public Health

For more information, visit the Rutgers at Brookdale website.

Contact: Joe Walsh, Manager of Academic Programs at Brookdale, at 732-625-7012 or e-mail