The Brookdale Women’s Soccer Team was recognized for placing third in the nation at the December 17 meeting of the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees.

The team was undefeated in the Region 19 championship, was again undefeated in the Garden State Athletic Conference, and placed third in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) championship. The team also received the Sportsmanship Award from the National Tournament Committee.

“This year we had such a group of fighters,” said Katie Amundson, director of athletics for Brookdale and head women’s soccer coach. She explained the team started practicing in August “when everybody else is still enjoying their summer vacation, they are at practice getting ready for competitions.” Amundson said that level of dedication was seen throughout the entire season. She explained the first game of the NJCAA tournament was played in 28 degrees on a field covered in snow and ice, “but everyone had a smile on their face” after winning that game.

“Being a student athlete here at Brookdale isn’t just about what the students do out on the playing field,” Amundson said. “It’s also about what they do in the classroom and in the community.” Student athletes engage in community service activities and are held to high academic standards.

Amundson acknowledged the contributions of Nil Onder and Meg Begley, the two assistant coaches for the women’s soccer team, who are both Brookdale alumni and former women’s soccer players. “It’s fantastic to have these great role-models come back for our students,” she said.

Amundson thanked the Board of Trustees and Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale, for their support. “If it wasn’t for that support, then the women’s soccer team wouldn’t have been able to do what they accomplished.”

Stout praised the college’s women’s soccer team and talked about its “history of distinction” with three consecutive national championships wins, seven Region 19 Championships, and 11 Garden State Athletic Conference Championships.

Members of the women’s soccer team received certificates of commendation from Brookdale’s Board of Trustees in recognition of their exceptional season.