Communication is a Two-Way Street

Especially when it comes to the College’s integrity

Log on to the Lighthouse Hotline : or call 844-410-0042


When it comes to integrity and ethics, we ask a lot of our employees. We ask that you always endeavor to do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances are, and that you be willing to speak up if you believe that others in our College are not doing the right thing. However, we know that speaking up in the face of unethical activity can sometimes seem awkward or difficult. That’s why, if you promise to communicate with us about theft or fraud, we’ll promise to provide you with safe, simple, effective means of doing so.

Your immediate supervisor is one such resource. He or she is often the best and safest option for discussing concerns of an ethical nature. If, however, you have tried your immediate supervisor or if you believe that opening his or her door might be inappropriate in this case, you can report theft or fraud or simply get more information by logging on to or by calling our Reporting System.

The Reporting System is confidential and easy to use. The system is operated by Lighthouse Services, a third-party provider, which specializes in this type of service. To report issues via the Internet, you simply log on to the website and fill in the important information fields regarding the nature of your question or report. If you opt to call instead, dial the AlertLine number to speak with a live operator, who will ask those important questions. Calls are toll-free and both methods are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regardless of which method you choose, the system will prepare a report and forward it on to the appropriate person in our College for review and, if necessary, investigation.

You may provide your name and contact information if you wish, but in most cases, it is not necessary. Instead of identifying you by name, the system will assign you a report number, a PIN, and a contact date. If you think of something else, or additional events occur after you’ve completed your initial report, you can call or log back in with your report number and PIN. If we need additional information from you to resolve your report, the system will ask for it then.

Report or ask questions about any matter pertaining to theft or fraud.

Please note, however, that the Reporting System is not a substitute for meaningful communication between you and your supervisor, which must also be a two-way street. Therefore, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about normal operating procedures, please raise them directly to him or her.