Newark Fashion Week, an esteemed platform that spotlights emerging fashion talents, recently featured Sheridan O’Hea on its runway. An Adjunct Professor and alumna of Brookdale Community College, she took center stage at this year’s event with an enthralling collection of eleven designs, captivating the audience and demonstrating her creative mastery in the world of fashion.

Most of O’Hea’s collection distinguished itself by incorporating sustainability, a vital consideration in the fashion industry due to its significant contribution to pollution. O’Hea made innovative use of recycled fabrics and materials for her runway pieces. She explained, “Many of my fabric choices were once used as household or upholstery fabric, which challenged me to think about how to create apparel pieces with these unconventional materials.” Fortunately, O’Hea’s background as a textile science teacher equipped her with the knowledge to work with these fabrics effectively. Notably, one of her creations featured a dress crafted entirely from an old curtain. O’Hea remarked, “It was challenging to use only recycled materials, as I had to figure out how to turn fabric scraps into complete outfits.”

This year’s appearance at Newark Fashion Week further solidified O’Hea’s reputation as a rising star in the fashion industry. “Princess Casual” was a collection that elegantly combined royal aesthetics with everyday comfort. It featured two distinct looks, each possessing its unique charm.

Woman wearing a long jean jacket on the fashion runway.Look 1: Princess Casual pt. 1

Modeled by Ayana Sumlin and photographed by Julia D’Ambola the first look exemplified Sheridan O’Hea’s ability to transform ordinary denim into extraordinary fashion. Drawing inspiration from her personal style, rooted in the simplicity of a T-shirt and jeans, O’Hea elevated this everyday look by incorporating different fabrics, creating dramatic silhouettes, and adding functionality.

The ensemble’s top was fully reversible, offering versatility and style options for the wearer. The standout jacket featured interior pockets and a removable train, allowing for customization and a unique sense of flair. This collection displayed O’Hea’s creativity and talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. As she put it, “Not your average jean jacket, but it’s something.”

Look 2: Princess Casual pt. 2Woman on the runway wearing a jean design.

Continuing the “Princess Casual” theme, the second look explored the fusion of denim with different textures and fabrics. Modeled by Kitkattt and beautifully captured by D’Ambola, this ensemble featured a fully reversible bodysuit paired with a layered skirt with in-seam pockets. The clever use of denim and upholstery lace jacquard in this design exemplified O’Hea’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion

Fashion sketch by Sheridan OheaTo students and aspiring fashion designers, O’Hea offers valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of concept sketching, urging budding designers not to skip this crucial step. Concept sketches serve to communicate every detail of a design before moving on to pattern drafts. O’Hea suggests considering various elements during sketching, such as the inspiration behind the look, fabric choices, style lines, technical aspects, functionality, and what sets the design apart. She also highlights the excitement of witnessing a sketch come to life, a moment of magic for any designer.

O’Hea’s collection not only delighted the audience but is also an inspiration to her students and aspiring fashion designers, reminding them that with passion and persistence, they, too, can make their mark in the fashion world.

Models wearing O’Hea’s collection included: Jasmine Henderson, Ayana Sumlin, Kristina Laguerre, Mellow Ricks, Janaya Walker, Katherine Burrowes, Zoe Lenn, Jordyn Bard, Tiona Jackson, Da’Vihonna Hatchett, Anje Brown

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