Food, Fun, and Math! Come visit the Math Lab on Thursday, March 5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in MAS 204 to celebrate Math Lab Day.

Math Lab Day is a fun and casual way for students to learn about all of the benefits of the Math Lab. “In general, the Math Lab adds value not only to the classroom experience but more broadly to the students’ college experience,” said Tatiana Shabat, academic tutor in the Math Lab. During Math Lab Day, students will have the opportunity to play games, win prizes, and have light refreshments while engaging with the academic tutors and their peers.

“Utilizing the Math Lab, students receive academic support and have an opportunity to interact with their peers,” Shabat said. “This interaction positively affects communication skills, intellectual growth, and the development of critical thinking skills. Student retention also increases because of the connections established with other students and staff while working at the Lab,” she said.

This year, Math Lab Day will celebrate not only numbers but also the diversity of our students and employees. Students will be invited to share the location of their origin on a large map and some employees will be dressed in traditional clothes.

The Math Lab offers one-on-one assistance year-round with our academic tutors with no appointments needed. The lab also offers students access to a computer lab with all the necessary software for math classes where students can get help with their online homework. The computers come with connecting cables for graphic calculators as well. In addition, the Math Lab gives students access to materials such as textbooks, solution manuals, class materials and calculators. It is a great place to study and get help with all of your math questions.

Photo Caption:

Tatiana Shabat, academic tutor in the Math Lab, working with Brookdale student Jennifer Rucci.