The Brookdale community acknowledged the efforts of students, faculty, administrators and campus organizations at the 9th annual Global Citizenship Project Awards on April 25. The academic year’s theme focused on issues related to immigration.

Students cited for their achievements at the event included: Jazmine Acevedo, Caitlin Jeffery, Vanessa Castaneda, Elizabeth Kennan, Candace Vengersky, Angela Perez, Daniel Booter, Samantha Shubert, Caitlin Usui, Christopher Baitz, Elizabeth Spears, Malgorzata Sikora, Rania Targali, Hope Cahill, Ping Phillips, Erin Coughlin, Amanda Macchia, Alex Salme Castillo, Karen Elizabeth Suazo Cardenas, Lily Eikens, Stephanie Rivera, Noemi Wallace, Tara Lyle, Dana Genovese, Hanna Walker, Brandon Roman, Cristian Aparicio, Deysi Perez-Avila, Alma Plazas, Bryan Fiorella Quezada, Fabio Espinoza, Barbara Rodriquez, Juana Marquez, Ingrid Mendez, Lucianna Silva, Yiisa Palafox, Ana Rodrigues, Lorena Tome, Jorge Silverio, Erica Rosenthal, Erica Mittenzwei, Veronica Manfredini, Lauren Deinhardt, Victoria Augello, Jonathan Scott, Dalton Daniels, Syeda Zahra, Christine Shea, Gabby Bianchi, Dionne Griffith, Kayla Morrissey, Kayla Breaud, Samantha Fitzgerald, Angela D’Alessandro and Rin Howell.

Students Andrew Anderson, Ryan Gunthner, and Emma Uk earned Global Citizenship Distinction honors.

Four faculty members and administrators were acknowledged for their efforts in promoting global citizenship in the curriculum and on campus during the 2018-2019 academic year. Jim Cody and Donna Pope with the English department, Synde Kaufman, ESL administrator and Margo Wolfson, biology department faculty, received Employee Engagement Awards.


Photo Caption:

Brookdale students (left to right) Ryan Gunthner, Andrew Anderson and Emma Uk received Global Citizenship Distinction honors.