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Become an Active Bystander

Bystanders are people who witness sexual violence, abuse, or stalking, or have reason to believe that such a crime has taken or will take place. Bystanders are, in fact, the largest group of people involved in these crimes, greatly outnumbering both perpetrators and victims. They often have the power to stop assaults from occurring and to get help for people who have been victimized.

Intervening can be difficult, however. Even when a bystander encounters an abuser or a victim of abuse, they may not believe they can do anything to help. Many bystanders ignore the situation because they do not want to get involved, or fail to report the situation because they are afraid of retaliation. “What if I’m wrong,” many wonder.

At Brookdale, we take reports of abuse and sexual crimes very seriously. We work hard to protect the confidentiality of those involved, and we thoroughly investigate claims before rendering judgment. There are also multiple ways to leave anonymous tips. When in doubt, speak up.

Our goal is to create a culture of active bystanders at Brookdale, all of whom are actively engaged in the prevention of violence and working to create a better world for themselves and their fellow Brookdalians.



Options for Bystander Intervention: