Jean Guerdy Paul (JP), a mechanical and automotive engineering student at Brookdale Community College, has been honored with a $1,000.00 scholarship from The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). The NSLS is known for providing life-changing leadership programs that foster personal growth, career success, and community impact. Brookdale is one of 824 chapters nationwide, boasting 2,560 proud NSLS alumni.

The event, attended by diverse students from across the United States, was an opportunity for emerging leaders to engage with top experts in various fields. JP shared his insights and experiences alongside other accomplished individuals, including NSLS CEO Neil Khaund, NASA fellow Alyssa Carson, and host Tom Krieglstein.

When asked about his motivation for attending the event, JP emphasized the importance of continuous leadership development. “Leadership is an everyday thing,” he remarked. “You are always either leading yourself, another individual, a group of people, or an institution and so forth. This event was all about how we can be better leaders and learning from other leaders to create lasting and positive impact.”

JP first learned about the event through an email from the NSLS, of which he is a member. Reflecting on the highlights of the gathering, he expressed excitement about being selected as a recipient of the scholarship and the opportunity to interact with NSLS peers.

During the event, participants could attend various sessions led by experts in different areas. JP chose to engage in discussions on building connections, igniting leadership through play and creativity, and turning personal stories into personal brands. The sessions, facilitated by industry leaders such as Devin Lasker, Peter Orozco, and Corey Andrew Powell, provided valuable insights into effective leadership strategies.

One of the defining moments for JP came when he shared a piece of advice to other NSLS peers during the session, “When it comes to networking, always make sure that you have 20 to 30 people in your network circle that you can go to for anything professionally and personally.” It was a piece of advice shared with him by a friend. And his answer to the question about a leadership lesson learned resonated deeply with the audience. JP emphasized the importance of showing genuine interest in others, stating, “As a leader, don’t try to be interesting, be interested, and that changes everything.”

His thoughtful response earned him scholarship recognition and exemplified the principles of empathy and authenticity at the heart of effective leadership.

As JP continues his academic journey at Brookdale Community College, his commitment to leadership excellence inspires his peers and educators. “With the support of organizations like The National Society of Leadership and Success, JP is sure to make a meaningful impact in his community and beyond,” said Jill Donovan, director of the Career Center at Brookdale. “The scholarship award is a testament to JP’s dedication to personal and professional growth, symbolizing the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to lead with purpose and passion.”