The primary purpose of the Brookdale Library is to support the instructional and research needs of the students, faculty and staff.

Currently enrolled students, as well as current faculty and staff. are eligible to borrow materials, request interlibrary loans. and use the resources on-site or remotely via Internet and network connections.

College ID Required

Brookdale students, faculty and staff must obtain a Brookdale OneCard to use the Bankier Library resources. With your College OneCard, you can borrow library materials and reserve a group study room. How to obtain your OneCard. You can have only one active library account, and no other identification card is acceptable for library transactions.

Loan Periods

Students Employees
Type of Material Max. No. per Type How Long Max. No. per Type How Long
Circulating Books 10 28 days 10 semester
Videos and DVDs 2 48 hours 10 1 week
Music CDs and computer files 2 1 week 10 1 week
Audio Book 2 4 weeks 10 4 weeks
Audio Cassettes 5 1 week 5 1 week
Math videos 2 1 week 2 1 week
Laptop 1 4 hours N/A N/A

Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis. Inquire at the Research Help Desk at 732-224-2443 for reference materials and at the Circulation Desk at 732-224-2935 for other materials. Special arrangements may be made with the Library Director at 732-224-2482.

Non-Circulating Collections

1st floor – Reference Collections
2nd floor – Law Collection
2nd floor – Periodicals, Newspapers, Microforms
2nd floor – Special Collections: Brookdale Archives, New Jersey, Graphic Arts, and Photography


You are responsible for library materials charged to your library account. Unique barcode numbers link all borrowed materials to your library account. The Bankier Library expects that all borrowed materials will be returned in good condition and without evidence of damage. You will be held responsible for materials damaged while in your possession.

You may borrow damaged materials: please alert the staff to the damage so that you will not be held responsible when they are returned.

Returns and Renewals

You may renew your library books if they are not overdue. To renew online, go to the My Library Account login page on the Bankier Library website. Students may renew books for an additional 28 days and college employees for a semester. Any multimedia materials and overdue items must be brought to the library to be renewed. Email or telephone renewal will not be accepted for any materials.

Materials can be returned in the bookdrop (located in the library lobby) or dropped off at the Information or Circulation Desks.

It is important to return borrowed materials to the proper location, as materials left on open tables and carrels may not be discharged from your library account.


Failure to return overdue library materials will result in a replacement bill. Only ONE replacement bill will be sent to you. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue materials are returned or replaced and all fines are paid.

The bill includes a replacement cost and a “non-refundable” processing fee of $25.00 per item. The average bill is $75.00 per item. The staff at the Circulation Desk will be able to calculate the exact costs of the billed item when it is declared lost. A refund will be given for the lost item, minus the processing fee, if it is returned within one year from the day that it was declared lost. A paid receipt may be required to obtain such refund.

Missing Materials

If the library catalog indicates that the item is “AVAILABLE” but it is not on the shelf, please report the missing item at any of the service desks. The library staff will search for the item. If found, the item will be placed on hold and you will be notified. If the item cannot be located, its status will be changed to “MISSING”. You may then request the missing item through an Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loans

If the Bankier Library does not own the item you need or if items are missing, students and college employees may borrow these items from another institution. Borrowers must complete an online Interlibrary Loan form. Contact the Circulation Desk (732-224-2935) for information and assistance with this process.

Change of Personal Information

You are responsible for informing the Brookdale Registrar’s Office if there are changes in your personal information. (The library only updates its library patron records from the College’s database.)

If you have any questions regarding the Students and Employees borrowing policy, please contact the Bankier Library at 732-224-2935.