In a strategic move to bolster its legal team, McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C., a prominent New Jersey-based law firm, has forged a successful partnership with Brookdale Community College. With three main offices in Red Bank, Marlton, and Newark, the firm, established in 1974, is undergoing significant growth, creating a demand for highly skilled paralegals.

“Working with McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C., has been a rewarding partnership for both our students and the law firm,” said Brookdale Professor of Legal Studies Joseph Zavaglia Jr., Esq. “Their team has consistently supported our graduates, fostering a strong local connection. It’s not just about preparing students for law school; it’s about empowering them for successful careers as paralegals.”

R. Armen McOmber, Managing Partner of McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C., highlighted the firm’s focus on employment law, emphasizing discrimination and harassment cases. He underscored the dynamic nature of litigation work, highlighting paralegals’ crucial role in managing cases from start to finish.

“We need very good paralegals,” he stated. “There’s a need for paralegals who are self-starters, motivated, and can navigate these cases. In litigation, every case is unique, and paralegals need to be on top of things – managing clients, adversaries, court schedules, pleadings, and filings with e-courts.”

Emphasizing the program’s commitment to providing a robust foundation in substantive and procedural law, McOmber underscored its dedication to cultivating legal research skills and proficiency in using legal software programs.

He highlighted the preparedness of Brookdale graduates, stating, “The Paralegal Studies Program at Brookdale is dedicated to instilling legal knowledge, ethical values, and professional responsibility in its students. This commitment aligns with our hiring philosophy, seeking candidates who bring not only legal acumen but also a dedication to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession.”

The New Jersey State Bar Association’s definition of a paralegal/legal assistant aligns with the Brookdale Community College program’s mission, emphasizing the importance of education, training, and work experience in preparing paralegals for their roles.

“Professor Joseph Zavaglia brings us an exceptional quality of paralegals emerging from Brookdale Community College,” said Christian V. McOmber, Managing Partner of McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C. “It is obvious that he has a dedication to teaching and mentorship that has undoubtedly shaped students who not only possess a strong foundation in legal principles but also exhibit a remarkable eagerness to dive into the intricacies of litigation. The program prepares students to be not just paralegals but invaluable assets in the legal field, and we are privileged to benefit from his commitment to excellence.”

The partnership’s success is evident in the experiences of graduates like Jillian Laverde and Steven Viera, who have found fulfilling careers at McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C.

“I find the most satisfaction in witnessing the progression of our clients throughout the legal process,” said LaVerde, who has dedicated over a year to working at the firm and is a graduate of Brookdale with an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. “They typically come to the firm in a state of panic, often feeling depressed and looking to the firm for help. Guiding them through the entire litigation process, from the initial stages of filing a complaint to the culmination of signing the settlement agreement and observing their triumphant emergence with justice served and a renewed excitement for their future is truly rewarding. I particularly enjoy collaborating with our employment law team on cases involving the ‘biggest’ companies. Witnessing the unfolding dynamics within these household name walls is always fascinating.”

Viera, who the firm has employed since June 2022, earned his paralegal certification from Brookdale after he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He expressed, “I love the opportunity to learn directly from experts and watch the law in action. Brookdale prepared me for this role by teaching me how to learn. The right solution can be elusive, especially in a fact-sensitive field like law. Brookdale didn’t teach me the answer to every question, but it taught me how to approach problems with confidence and a calculating mind.”

“The accomplishments and commitment demonstrated by our graduates at McOmber McOmber & Luber are a testament to the strong foundation provided by our program at Brookdale.” said Paralegal Studies Department Chairman Professor Michael Sullivan, Esq. “At Brookdale, we take pride in staffing our courses exclusively with experienced attorneys. This ensures that our students receive a comprehensive and practical legal education, setting them on the path to not only succeed in their studies but also thrive in their professional careers.”

The firm speaks highly of the Brookdale Community College Paralegal program, which prepares students for work as paralegals in various legal settings, including law offices, government agencies, corporations, and private sectors. The program offers day and evening classes, full and part-time enrollment, personal attention, and small classes designed to ensure student success.

As a testament to the program’s success, Kathleen Riely‘s words mirror the broader narrative of Brookdale graduates thriving in their professional careers at the firm.

“What I enjoy most is being surrounded by and being a part of a team that is committed, passionate & zealous advocates, which also fosters my growth as a paralegal, and I get to be a part of that! I learn every day,” said Riely, who also received her Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies at Brookdale. “When an individual is mistreated and we can right that wrong in a way that there is a positive outcome is the best part of the work we do. Brookdale’s professors specifically Joe Zavaglia and Mike Sullivan are who prepared me. I am so fortunate to have learned from the best, and continue to do so in my career with McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C.”

As McOmber McOmber & Luber, P.C. continues to benefit from its partnership with Brookdale Community College, the success stories of Brookdale graduates within the firm highlight the program’s efficacy in shaping top-tier paralegal talent. The collaboration supports the importance of strong connections between academic institutions and industry leaders to create opportunities for aspiring legal professionals.

Visit the Brookdale Community College website for more information about the Paralegal Studies program.

Featured image left to right: Joseph Zavaglia Jr. Esq, (Freehold, NJ), Kathleen Riley, R. Arman McOmber (Red Bank), Christian V. McOmber (Middletown), Rose Adu (Sayerville, NJ), Steven Viera (Freehold, NJ), and Jillian LaVerde (Freehold, NJ).