The Health Sciences Institute’s, Fall Nursing Pinning Ceremony on January 3, 2023, in the Robert J. Collins Arena, recognized the accomplishments of 59 nursing graduates.

Student speaker and nursing graduate Taylor Soave applauded Brookdale faculty and staff “for getting us all to this milestone in our lives.” She continued, “They were there every step of the way to guide us in the right direction and provide encouragement. Brookdale lived up to its expectations by ensuring student success. The faculty and staff truly care about each and every one of their students and wanted us to be successful in our time here. They helped shape us and taught us core values and how important it is to be passionate.”

President Dr. David M. Stout addressed the nursing graduates and thanked them for making Brookdale proud of their hard work, perseverance, and selflessness in dedicating their lives to helping others.

The graduating nurses will also participate in Brookdale’s 52nd Commencement ceremonies on May 11, 2023, in addition to the pinning ceremony, a tradition in the health care field.Male nurse pinning a female nurse. Both wearing their white jackets.

Two nurses in their white jackets. One is pinning the other with two woman in the background smiling.“The pin links you to all the alumni of this program who have gone forward to be among the very best nurses in this country,” said Dr. Jayne Edman, Dean of the Health Science Institute. “The pin is meant to serve as a reminder that you are entering the most trusted profession in the United States.”

In a world where public health is constantly being challenged, nurses are nothing short of heroic as they continue to be at the front line of patient care.

“You are an extraordinary group as you began nursing school during a pandemic,” said guest speaker Georgia Cassidy, MSN, RN, Instructor of Nursing at Brookdale. “And you are beginning your professional nursing career at a time when our world needs nurses more than ever.”

Nursing graduate Monica Bubello gave the farewell address, celebrating with her peers the limitless love they can provide in their careers.

“The people that sit in front of me are not just colleagues and classmates, these people are my friends. Because you just have to be after all that we have been through together. I am so proud of my friends tonight, in our navy-blue scrubs ready to take on the world.”

During the ceremony, six of the graduates were recognized for being in the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Chapter: Mirlande Fils-Aimee, Shannon Foley-Vonheeder, Lindsay Kelly, Roxanne Rosa, Megan Seyler, and Alisha Womack.

Two nurses. One pinning the other. Woman smiling in the backgroud.Special recognition went out to nursing graduate Cherrelle Rainey and her grandmother, who graduated from Brookdale’s first nursing class in 1970 and attended the pinning ceremony to encourage and cheer for her granddaughter.

Group of nurses in their navy scrub and white coats sitting on the bleachers.