The Jersey Blues Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) partnered with the Athletics Department to spread awareness and encouraged donations to help support ovarian cancer, also known as the “Silent Killer.”

SAAC and the Athletics Department coordinated with OCRA, the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, to spread ovarian cancer awareness this past month through social media and their presence at the men’s and women’s double-header soccer games on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. OCRA provided informational materials, wristbands, balloons, and stickers for attendees. In return, a large donation has been supplied to the organization from the Brookdale Kicks for Cancer, OCRA fundraising page, and the refreshments made available during the games.

SAAC and the Athletics Department would like to thank those who supported the cause with their VERY generous donations. The fundraising page is active for those who would still like to donate!

OCRA’s Mission: “Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance is dedicated to curing ovarian cancer while improving treatments by advancing innovative science, promoting preventive measures, and advocating, educating and supporting anyone affected by gynecologic cancers to ensure the best possible care and outcomes.”

For more information about OCRA, click the link for their website: https:/

Click the QR code below to donate directly to OCRA through our fundraising page, Brookdale Kicks for Cancer.