Introducing Dyese Davis: A dynamic catalyst for change and unwavering dedication at Brookdale Community College’s Board of Trustees. As a fervent public servant, Davis holds the esteemed position of Chief of Staff for Senator Gopal while actively engaging with six community boards, including the Brookdale Board of Trustees, Affordable Housing Alliance, Lunch Break Advisory Board, Neptune Planning Board, Neptune Library Board, and Neptunes Mayors Youth Advisory Cabinet. This exceptional combination empowers her to affect transformative change and create a lasting impact on the lives of the individuals she serves.

“I enjoy being able to make a difference and having the immediate satisfaction of making sure that we are making Brookdale the best institution that it can be to all its students of all ages.”

Through her role on the board, Davis seizes the chance to actively shape and provide opportunities for a diverse array of individuals, from recent high school graduates to those undergoing career transitions and lifelong learners pursuing knowledge through the Continuing and Professional Studies Department. Davis embraces the responsibility of creating a nurturing environment that caters to each student’s unique aspirations and needs. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and excellence ensures that every member of the community can thrive and access valuable educational pathways at Brookdale Community College.

The passion for education, specifically Brookdale, runs deep for Davis. She credits the college with shaping her interest in politics when she took a Winterim class with Political Science Professor Jonathan Moschberger, leading her to pursue a political career. Additionally, Davis has seen Brookdale transform her close friends’ lives.

“I also have very close friends who didn’t think that a higher level of learning was going to be available to them, whether it was because they just weren’t ready for college, or the cost was going to be too great,” said Davis. “And they have gone on to do really great things. So, I have seen firsthand the impact that Brookdale has, whether it be for confidence or your wallet, and just ensuring that folks have access to education and support beyond just the educational aspect.”

Davis’s journey as a Board of Trustee member began when Governor Murphy appointed her. She was approached by the college when a trustee’s term was ending, and her appointment received bipartisan support from Senators Gopal and Scanlon, highlighting her commitment to community service and the value she brings to the board.

Davis serves on the Governance, Finance and Facilities Committees. She has been on every committee except Audit since joining the board. With her extensive involvement in the community, Davis brings unique skills and expertise to the table. As a government official, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of policy and legislation, but she also values the impact of these policies on individuals’ lives. Having worked with constituents, Davis witnessed the challenges and red tape faced by people seeking help, leading her to advocate for policies that consider the practical implications and ensure adequate support.

When questioned about her favorite programs at Brookdale, Davis highlighted the Displaced Homemakers program and the Carolyn Huber Holistic Wellness Center. However, she acknowledged that the college offers many remarkable programs that have significantly transformed students’ lives beyond her expectations.

For Davis, success means doing your best and making a difference, a principle that resonates with her dedication to helping others. As she reflects on her accomplishments, Davis takes immense pride in her ability to positively impact people’s lives, whether filling a pothole or mentoring young individuals, providing them with opportunities to achieve their potential.

Outside of her professional life, Davis is an avid reader, aiming to complete an impressive goal of reading 101 books in a year. Her diverse reading interests range from fantasy and general fiction to money management books, revealing her curious and multifaceted nature.

Davis continues to seek ways to make a difference in her community. She believes in being true to oneself, seizing every opportunity that comes one’s way, and embracing the potential for personal growth and positive change.