The Community College Opportunity Grant is now a Promise Signed into law.
Go ahead and register. Earn your degree. Move forward tuition-free

New Jersey’s 18 Community Colleges thank Governor Murphy for his vision and leadership in making a  Community College education tuition-free for so many New Jersey residents. Today, New Jersey becomes just one of 16 states with College Promise programs making college free to its residents. By signing this law, the Governor ensures that current and future students have the certainty to know that this program will be there for them now and into the future.

The Community College Opportunity Grant program provides a last-dollar scholarship to attend a Community College for individuals in households earning $65,000 adjusted gross income or less. The program was first established in the state’s FY 2019 budget and assisted more than 18,000 students last year, including recent high school graduates and working adults. These students enrolled in a Community College and embarked on a pathway toward earning college degrees and credentials. This program expands economic opportunity while helping New Jersey build a productive and innovative workforce that enables economic growth and recovery.

“As a result of this investment, thousands of New Jerseyans are able to embark on career pathways, to prepare for jobs that pay family-supporting wages, and to contribute directly to the state’s economic growth and recovery” according to Aaron Fichtner, President of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges.

New Jersey’s 18 Community Colleges, as the only educational institutions with statewide reach, provide essential opportunities to more than 300,000 New Jersey residents each year. Over 200,000 students – more than half of all undergraduate students in all public colleges and universities in the state – are enrolled in credit and degree programs at New Jersey’s Community Colleges. Equity and access priorities are advanced everyday with 50% of all students enrolled in New Jersey’s Community Colleges being non-white.

The Community College Opportunity Grant program is an important investment in students and in the state’s economic future. This tuition financial aid program supports the most vulnerable residents for whom a college education is unaffordable. This law puts the Community College Opportunity Grant program on par with other highly respected, need- and merit-based college support programs such as TAG and NJ Stars. As New Jerseyans face the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community College Opportunity Grant serves as a pathway for the state’s residents to attain the education needed to move forward and succeed.

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