Upcoming Changes to Web Advisor Self Service for Brookdale Employees

To bring the latest software solutions to our community and stay current with changes, we have been migrating various features from WebAdvisor to Self Service. Over the next couple of months, you will see multiple communications that will highlight the notable changes as they are coming. New features will bring better, more accessible solutions to our fingertips. Many of you are already familiar with Self Service (downloaded your tax statements earlier this year) or with the budget and finance queries. Self Service has been up and running for students for nearly three years, and employee integration has arrived.

Below are the major changes that are being introduced with Self Service:

Additional directives and documentation will be provided for eReq, Approvals, Web Time Entry, and Leave Time Request features over the following months.

New Login Experience

We will introduce a new solution called “Brookdale Experience” to simplify the login experience across various applications utilizing Single Sign-On. The WebAdvisor Self Service icon from My Brookdale on Brookdale’s homepage will take you to the “Brookdale Experience” site for your important links.

MyBrookdale Link

Apreview of the “Brookdale Experience” landing page.


Starting July 1, You will log in to the “Brookdale Experience” site using your Brookdale Email address and password. Once you are logged into the “Brookdale Experience” site, the following applications will be just a click away and will open without prompting for the password again.

What will remain in Web Advisor after July 1, 2022? 

Faculty Roster and Grading will be the only items remaining in WebAdvisor after July 1. We will announce the transition timeframe for Grade submission and Roster views in WebAdvisor later. We will continue working on transition plans for Grade submission and Roster views and provide updates on testing, possible pilot opportunities, and timelines in late Summer or early Fall.

We hope these changes will simplify your experience of using critical business tools as we continue to make improvements.