Honors Orientation 2023: A Gateway to Academic Excellence at Brookdale Community College

There was a noticeable sense of anticipation as Professor Moschberger welcomed a room filled with eager students and introduced them to their future mentors. The occasion was the Honors Orientation for 2023 at Brookdale Community College, an event that marked the beginning of an enriching academic journey for incoming honor students.

President Dr. David M. Stout attended the event, formally welcoming the students and expressing his enthusiasm for the Honors Program.

The Honors Orientation was not just an ordinary gathering but an opportunity for these intellectually curious and driven students to gain insights into the unique educational experience that awaited them. President Stout, with a touch of nostalgia, spoke about his own time as the coordinator of the Honors Program and highlighted its distinctive features. He emphasized that in honors courses, students would study their subjects more thoroughly through discussions that went beyond standard textbooks.

One of the standout features of the Honors Program at Brookdale is the availability of mentors who had already navigated the program successfully. President Stout lauded this initiative by Professor Moschberger, recognizing the value of mentorship in helping students make the most of their academic journey. These mentors would serve as guides, offering support and guidance to their fellow students.

The orientation wasn’t limited to academic discussions alone. Assistant Director Anne LaPorta presented on Career, Leadership, and Transfer Pathways, providing a glimpse of the numerous opportunities available to students beyond the classroom. It was a reminder that the Honors Program wasn’t just about academics; it was a holistic experience aimed at nurturing well-rounded individuals.

The event also featured special guest speakers who added more dimensions to the students’ understanding of what lay ahead. Graduate Trustee Rebekah Fischoff shared her experiences and insights, offering a glimpse into the possibilities that opened up through the Honors Program. Janice Thomas, the International Education Center Director, discussed the Global Citizenship Project and Study Abroad opportunities, underlining the global perspective that students could gain. Lauren Brutsman and Erin Tierney, the Director and Assistant Director of Student Life & Activities, respectively, enlightened the audience about the vibrant student life at Brookdale.

The various clubs and organizations on campus were highlighted during the event, each offering unique opportunities for involvement and personal growth. The History & Political Science Club, Honors Association, Phi Theta Kappa, Criminal Justice Club, TEDx, Civic Engagement Conference, and the Mental Health and Education Stigma Free Series by the Psychology Club were just a few examples of the vibrant extracurricular life awaiting the students.

In closing, Professor Moschberger highlighted Brookdale’s Honors Program’s strong reputation, noting that students who complete the program often gain admission to some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. He assured the students that the program, while rigorous, would be an enjoyable and enriching experience.

The Honors Orientation for 2023 set the stage for these students to embark on a journey of academic excellence, personal growth, and meaningful connections. As they step into the world of the Honors Program at Brookdale Community College, they now know they are part of something exceptional, a program that would shape their futures and set them on a path to success.