Brookdale Community College is proud to announce the launch of its second cohort of the Healing-Centered Education Faculty Working Group, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming pedagogical practices and fostering inclusivity within the college community.

The program, spearheaded by Dr. Shawn Ginwright, seeks to cultivate a culture of healing-centered engagement, challenging traditional educational paradigms to prioritize the well-being of both educators and students. This initiative underscores Brookdale’s commitment to equity, inclusivity, and the holistic development of its faculty and student body.

The Healing-Centered Education Faculty Working Group is designed to empower participants to become catalysts for cultural shifts within their departments and disciplines. By engaging in a robust community of practice, faculty members will explore innovative pedagogical strategies, promote interdisciplinary collaboration, and develop inclusive curricula that resonate with diverse student populations.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Full-time and part-time/adjunct faculty members of Brookdale Community College are eligible to participate in the program. Participants will receive a $1000 stipend after completing the workshop series and submitting a curriculum development application. This financial support underscores Brookdale’s commitment to supporting faculty members dedicated to transformative educational practices.

The working group will convene weekly during the Fall 2024 semester and monthly throughout the Spring 2025 semester, culminating in a showcase event at Scholar’s Day. Interested faculty members are encouraged to apply via the online application form by September 13, 2024.

Participants from the inaugural cohort have expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for the program:

Brookdale Community College invites faculty members to join the Healing-Centered Education Faculty Working Group and embark on a transformative leadership journey in education. Together, we can create equitable and responsive learning environments that empower all students to succeed.

For application details and program requirements, please visit the application form Join us in this brave space dedicated to reimagining teaching and learning at Brookdale Community College. For further information, please contact Angela Kariotis, Brookdale’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion, and Christine Greco-Covington, Professor of Psychology.

Join us for a meet and greet session at Scholar’s Day on May 10, 2024, to learn more about the program and connect with fellow educators dedicated to transformative education.

Together, let’s shape the future of education at Brookdale Community College and beyond.