As we come together to foster an environment of understanding and respect, we center one of the most vital but often overlooked aspects of inclusivity: disability justice.

Disability justice isn’t just an abstract concept; it’s a tangible commitment to creating a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute their unique strengths. It’s about challenging the barriers that society has constructed, both physical and attitudinal, and working towards a future where accessibility is not an afterthought but a foundational pillar.

You are invited to join in supporting students and fellow colleagues through our college events.

Your presence at these events is more than just attendance; it’s a gesture of solidarity and a commitment to a sustainable world. By participating, you contribute to a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences that empower individuals to learn, grow, and thrive together. Bring your co-workers, students, community, all are welcome. So, come join us, as we center disability justice and all aspects of diversity – because when we come together, we don’t just build a community; we craft a future. Whose reality do you want to live in?

For a list of upcoming events please visit the website here. For more information please contact Angela Kariotis, director Diversity & Inclusion/CCOG. Register for events here.