Ashley Zampogna-Krug 732-224-2535

Joir Kamphuis 732-224-2077

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Student Life & Activities

Monday, 2/20 @ 12:30
Monday, 3/6 @ 12:30
Monday, 3/27 @ 12:30
Monday, 4/10 @ 12:30
Monday, 4/24 @ 12:30
Monday, 5/8 @ 12:30
Meetings with be held in MAC 200 and virtually by clicking here.

Social Media
Instagram: @Dreamers+ bcc

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of Dreamers + is to support and guide minorities, immigrants and their peers to overcome personal and academic struggles, create educational opportunities by collaborating with UndocuAlly at Brookdale and other community organizations, create an inclusive community where students can voice their concerns without fear of judgment, and establish an alliance among students where everyone will be each other’s resource to achieve their personal and academic goals.


A Film By The Dreamers + Club
“DayDreaming 2020”