Megan Murphy, founder of the Kindness Rocks Project, visited Brookdale Community College on March 6 for the dedication of a kindness rocks community garden on campus near the Student Life Center.

“Follow your heart, because it will always lead the way,” said Murphy, who spoke to students, faculty and community members following the dedication. “We need to take a break from the noise, to pause and to listen.”

Murphy said the Kindness Rocks Project took root during a difficult time in her life. Although her jewelry and accessory business was thriving, she had lost her passion and was unhappy in the business partnership. She said fear had held her back from making a change and she began to think about what brings joy.

“In my journey, I discovered that it did not matter what I did but who I am,” said Murphy.

She started to walk along the beach in her native Cape Cod and have conversations with her parents who had passed away when she was in her twenties. Murphy said those introspective moments led her to start painting rocks and leaving them along the shoreline. She left five at first, and a friend texted her and asked if she had left the rock because its message had made her day.

From that spark, the movement has spread since 2015 throughout the United States and 15 countries globally. At the Brookdale event, Murphy also signed copies of her book, A Pebble For Your Thoughts.

The event was sponsored by Brookdale’s Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) and Student Life & Activities. EOF Rising Leaders started The Kindness Rocks Project on campus two years ago, scattering rocks with inspirational words along various walkways and paths.

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