Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop Virtualization (VDI) is a software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated applications from the physical device, the computer, that is used to access the desktop and applications.  Using VDI, all heavy processing moves from the local desktop computer into the data center, where high-end centrally managed servers do the same work but in a much more efficient way. Virtual desktops are accessed from any computer which has the Virtual Desktop Client installed.

Available to

Current Students, Faculty, and Staff


The Virtual Desktop Client can be accessed by clicking on the VMware Horizon Client icon located on student workstations in designated Computer labs on the Lincroft campus and Regional locations. Virtualized desktop images include profiles for Computer Science, Psychology, and Writing. 

Key Features



VMWare Client Access Instructions (PDF)

VMWare Client Installation Instructions (PDF)

Using Virtual Desktop for Secure Print Submissions


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