Through a unique collaboration, Brookdale Community College’s Center for Adult Transition Students Achieving Independent Living (SAIL) Program and the Colts Neck Racquet Club created a transformative pickleball experience for students with intellectual disabilities. This inclusive partnership took on even greater significance as Pickleball is being showcased at various Special Olympics events across the United States, opening up exciting possibilities for athletes with intellectual disabilities to be included in one of the fastest-growing sports in the country.

Brookdale’s SAIL Students were welcomed to the Colts Neck Racquet Club for an introductory pickleball lesson organized by Lorna Thomas, Amy Chrebet, Lynne Pebole, Joyce Evans, and Lauren Cherney. Embracing the opportunity to create an all-inclusive and unforgettable experience, the Colts Neck Racquet Club staff exemplified the true spirit of sportsmanship and community engagement. Alysson Keelen, SAIL Curriculum Consultant, conveyed her gratitude, recognizing that these types of partnerships set a shining example for all, proving that inclusivity and empowerment are within reach when a community rallies together.

Brookdale’s Center for Adult Transition’s SAIL Program and the Colts Neck Racquet Club are rewriting the narrative of inclusivity through Pickleball. Their trailblazing collaboration demonstrates that when barriers are shattered, and hearts are open, the transformative power of sports knows no bounds. “The SAIL students’ experiences during the pickleball trip will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, and their newfound love for the sport might even lead some of them to pursue opportunities to compete in Special Olympics events,” stated Karen Giuffre, Program Creator for SAIL and Founder and CEO of Voyagers’ Community School.

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About Brookdale’s Center for Adult Transition’s SAIL Program

Brookdale’s Center for Adult Transition’s SAIL Program, a collaborative program with Voyagers’ Community School, supports and educates students with intellectual disabilities, helping them cultivate essential life skills, independence, and self-confidence. The program is founded on the belief that every individual can thrive and achieve their full potential with the proper support and opportunities.

About Colts Neck Racquet Club

The Colts Neck Racquet Club is a distinguished sports facility that has proudly served Monmouth County, New Jersey, since 1975. Its mission is to advance the ideals of excellence and sportsmanship at all levels. Their professional teaching staff is dedicated to refining the skills and developing every player’s strengths, one player at a time.