Brookdale Community College’s latest program VentureHive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (VEE), is thrilled to announce the launch of its Virtual Resource Hub to empower small businesses in Monmouth County. This initiative marks a significant step toward fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration, and economic growth within the region.  

“We aim to empower individuals to turn their concepts into thriving businesses,” said David M. Stout, Ph.D., president of Brookdale Community College. “This pathway, from ideation to venture funding and beyond, promises to create new jobs, drive innovation, and diversify our economy. By developing a culture of collaboration, we ensure that together, we can achieve greater heights of success and impact.”  

The VEE’s Virtual Resource Hub is a comprehensive platform that provides small businesses with access to resources, mentorship, and partnership opportunities essential for their growth. Through the Hub, entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded individuals, access valuable workshops, and explore various resources tailored to their needs.    

Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes, DM, regional director for the Small Business Development Center at Brookdale Community College, expressed her enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “This is a momentous occasion for Monmouth County. The VEE’s Virtual Resource Hub represents a dynamic ecosystem where small businesses can thrive and collaborate towards mutual success.”   

The launch event, attended by local dignitaries, community leaders, and small business owners, gave them a firsthand look at the online features and functionalities. Athena Rodriguez, from Economic Impact Catalyst, a partner in this initiative, presented the key features of the VEE’s Virtual Resource Hub which include:   

Small businesses and entrepreneurs interested in accessing the Virtual Resource Hub can register through the platform website or mobile app. The online Hub offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy navigation and access to many resources.   

“The VEE’s Virtual Resource Hub represents the beginning phase, with a focus on the online aspect initially,” Dr. Stout said. “I want to thank Senator Gopal for securing $250,000 in funding from the state budget, which has been instrumental in reaching the project’s current stage. As we look ahead, the next phase of our journey involves the physical buildout of the Collaboratory, a pivotal space for our entrepreneurial ecosystem. This endeavor relies on funding from the county, specifically through Chapter 12 funding, supported by our Monmouth County Commissioners. I extend heartfelt thanks to all involved as we anticipate advancing toward realizing this essential component.”  

For sponsorship opportunities or inquiries about joining the VEE Virtual Resource Hub, Contact Dr. Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes, Small Business Development Center Brookdale Community College; Phone: 732-224-2437; Email:;