The humanities teach students essential skills in writing, oral communication, critical thinking, reading, analysis, creativity, and research. These are strengths that employers want. The humanities develop our empathy, allowing us to see ourselves reflected in others, and it makes us well-rounded through a cross-study of interrelated disciplines, which benefit a vast range of careers. Below are several program options, including a basic Liberal Arts degree, which allows students to explore a variety of subjects before transferring their degree to a four-year college.



This degree program is for students wishing to transfer to Bachelor of Architecture schools at accredited colleges or universities. The program provides the equivalent number and type of courses generally required in the first two years of study within a five-year curriculum.


The Art Department offers of a series of fine arts courses in Studio Arts, Art History, Photography and Digital Animation & 3D Design.

Digital Animation

Whether you want to learn rendering, modeling, storyboarding, editing, or electronic game design, our degree programs will provide you with first-class training and skills, and valuable experience in the world of digital animation.


The English Department is a dynamic group of teachers, researchers, authors, poets, artists, and students. We are connected by our shared passion for language, literature, teaching, learning, and technology innovation.

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Which electronic game are you playing now? If you enjoy playing, you might enjoy creating even more. Each game you play began as someone’s idea. Combined with knowledge and grit, that idea came to life as a game you’ve enjoyed.


The A.A. Graphic Design Option in the Humanities, is aimed at students wishing to continue their studies at a four-year institution. The Graphic Design A.A.S., is structured for students who wish to gain immediate employment in the field.

Interior Design

Interior Design at Brookdale embraces the definition of the professional interior designer as adopted by CIDA, NCIDQ and ASID.


The Languages and ESL department serves students who want to study a new language. We have instructors who are experts in second language acquisition, and we provide academic tutors for all enrolled students.

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Liberal Arts

Expand your options for transferability to a four-year college by majoring in Liberal Arts. The Humanities, A.A. Liberal Arts Option introduces students to a diverse subjects that span literature, math, history, communication, art, and social sciences. Learn about culture, philosophy, and what it means to be human as you sharpen your analytical skills and build your knowledge base.


Completion of an associate degree is the first step toward gaining a position as a teacher, supervisor, or director of choral, instrumental, and/or theater production programs in elementary, middle, or secondary schools, as well as in choral or instrumental organizations.


Brookdale’s Photography department teaches you how to see the world through photographs – from the history and aesthetics of photography to its evolution to a medium of documentation, communication, and personal expression.


We offer a variety of courses based on academic need which are designed to help students develop the reading skills and study strategies necessary for success in college level classes.


The Speech Communication curriculum prepares students to communicate confidently and effectively in public, small group, interpersonal, and intercultural contexts.


At Brookdale, we give our students the opportunity to learn their craft and practically apply it in a safe and supportive environment.

Check out our Design Viewbook to learn more about our programs and meet some of our Humanities students.


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