Pre-Registration Testing

Pre-Registration Testing

All new degree students must take a Placement Test (Accuplacer) which includes measurement of reading, writing and mathematics. This test is designed to assure that students are ready to perform college-level work. Waivers of testing are available to students under the following provisions:

Full Test Waiver (You will not have to take the test):
  1. You have completed at least 24 college level credits with a grade of “C” or better from an accredited college. These 24 credits must include English composition and a mathematics course higher than elementary Algebra.
  2. You have taken the Accuplacer or NJBST test at another New Jersey college.
  3. You have at least a four-year degree from an accredited college.
Partial Test Waiver (You only need part of the test):

1.  You have taken the SAT test and have scored as follows:

Critical Reading score of 540 or higher – will waive both Writing and Reading tests.

Quantitative score of 530 or higher – will waive both Computation and Algebra tests.

2.  You have credits from another college that do not meet the full guidelines of the Full Test Waiver category above. You MAY qualify for a partial waiver. An individual assessment must be made.

Non-native speakers of English, and persons age 65 and older, may also be eligible for a test waiver. To receive a waiver of testing, students must apply in person in the Admissions Office.

Those wishing to waive on the basis of previous credits must provide an unofficial or official transcript, or a college diploma.

Students with documented disabilities who would like to request accommodations should contact the Disability Services Office prior to testing.

Students will be given the name of their assigned Academic Advisor at the test. Students who waive testing will be assigned an Academic Advisor in the Admission Office upon completion of the waiver form.

It is the student’s responsibility to make an appointment with his or her Academic Advisor to have the Accuplacer Test results interpreted, and to select appropriate courses for the initial term.

Students whose scores indicate the need to enhance skills in the areas of reading, language arts and/or pre-algebra or elementary algebra will be placed in the appropriate “Foundational Skills” courses.  Students with gaps in their academic backgrounds, or those who, with the passage of time, have grown rusty in one or more of these areas, will find the foundational courses are designed to bring skills up to the necessary level for optimum college performance.  Students needing such work must take and satisfactorily complete the foundational courses – although credits do not count towards graduation.  Students whose scores indicate no need for developmental work may not enroll in them.