Kevin Moedt, Brookdale alumnus class of 2014, said enrolling in Brookdale Community College was one of the defining moments of his life.

After high school graduation, Moedt started at another university in September 2012. A few weeks after his first semester of college started, Superstorm Sandy hit Monmouth County. “As a member of Middletown Office of Emergency Management, I had to stay closer to home,” said Moedt. He enrolled in an Economics class during the 11-week session at Brookdale. “At that moment, I did not realize it was going to be one of the defining decisions of my young life.” He said that decision started him on the path to success he is still following today.

“Getting involved on campus was the best decision of my college career,” Moedt said. He joined the Student Life Board, Brookdale’s version of student government and programming, early in his first semester. He served as both the vice president and president of the Student Life Board during his time at Brookdale. “I learned leadership skills that now help me day to day in my professional career,” he said about his leadership roles on the Student Life Board.

“Every person I interacted with at Brookdale, from my professors to my work with the Student Life Board, all made an impact on my life in some way for the better. To this day, most, if not all, are still influencers in my day to day life, and I am so grateful for that,” said Moedt.

After graduating from Brookdale, Moedt transferred to Monmouth University. “Transferring is never a easy process, but the partnerships between Brookdale and Monmouth University are stellar,” he said. While a college student, Moedt worked as a promotions assistant at Press Communications and as a Production Assistant at Viacom Media Networks.

Once Moedt graduated from Monmouth, his professional career truly began to flourish and the skills he learned at Brookdale propelled him to succeed. He began working for Press Communications as a Community Manager. “I was tasked with integrating digital, social media elements into their radio brands across the Jersey Shore,” Moedt explained. After that, he worked on Digital Ad Sales with Nickelodean, a Viacom property. “I leaned so much about international media digital sales, but living at my parents’ house and commuting to New York City from Middletown in a sales job was not ideal,” he explained.

At 23 years old, Moedt became an Account Executive for Press Communications in Asbury Park, much closer to his home. “I have spent the past four years selling and integrating myself into the local community.” Moedt’s hard work and success was recently recognized by the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce (EMACC). He was honored with the Next Generation Leader Award at their Annual Spinnaker Awards.

It has been eight years since Moedt made the decision to take an Economics class during the 11-week session at Brookdale, and he is once again making a decision that will put him on the path to success. He recently accepted the position of Account Executive for Scripps Media in New York City. “I look forward to the new challenge and what is ahead in my career,” he said.