Brookdale alumnus Nicholas Romano always wanted to be a business owner. In 2017, that dream because a reality when he opened All Clean Exteriors.

Prior to starting at Brookdale Community College, Romano spent five years in the United States Navy. “I had a great experience,” he said of his time in the military. “I met a lot of good people who I still speak with and see on a regular basis. I traveled the world in the process and got the opportunity to see some really cool places.”

After serving his country, Romano came back to Monmouth County and enrolled as a criminal justice major at Brookdale. “The Veterans Services were terrific,” he said of Brookdale’s Veterans Center. The Center is committed to helping veterans find the services and resources at the college as well as externally to help them make full use of their V.A. Educational Entitlements and other benefits. The college also has a Student Veterans Club where Active Duty personnel, Reservists, and Veterans come together for support and camaraderie.

After graduating Brookdale in May 2011, Romano became a Police Officer. He is currently a Detective with the Long Branch Police Department.

In 2017, Romano opened his own business, All Clean Exteriors. “Ultimately, my inspiration for starting the business was to create a better life for my family,” Romano said. He and his wife two children.

All Clean Exteriors is more than just a power washing service. The company offers gutter guard installation, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, wood and paver restoration, as well as other services. “Typically we are contracted to clean residential homes and commercial properties,” Romano explained. “But we do all things pertaining to exterior cleaning,” he said.

“Our team is made up of guys who all work very hard and do an outstanding job,” Romano said of his company.

Romano certainly worked hard to achieve his dream of being a business owner, and he encouraged all Brookdale students and alumni to do the same. “Create your future and never stop pushing forward.”