The Jersey Blues aren’t the only ones who have been anticipating and preparing for the 2021 Spring Season…the fans too! The following guidelines have been implemented by both the state and Brookdale Community College.

All spectators must follow guidance from the Department of Health regarding sports activities, including wearing a mask, observing social distancing, and staying home if sick.

The Executive Order Number 230 from the State of NJ: Collegiate athletics is addressed starting on page 12.

“Collegiate athletic practices and competitions that are conducted outdoors are subject to the outdoor gathering limit of 50 persons. Athletes, coaches, referees, trainers, and other individuals who are necessary for the competitive collegiate sporting event are not included in the number of individuals present at a gathering for purposes of the limits on gatherings. Operators of such sports activities may permit up to two parents or guardians per athlete participating in the practice or competition to attend. Such parents and guardians shall be considered necessary for the practice or competition.”

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