Brookdale Community College students Christine Mayo and Jack Arteaga have been chosen as the eighth cohort of NASA Fellows. Both students will receive $2,000 upon completion of a year-long project and will present their findings at Brookdale’s 2022 Student Showcase at the end of the spring semester.

Ana Teodorescu, associate professor of math at Brookdale and one of the administrators of the grant program, explained Arteaga and Mayo will have the opportunity to design a research project in any Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) field. “The purpose of the NASA Fellowship Grant is to help STEM students financially and to include them in research projects they are interested in,” she said.

In addition, students get the chance to work closely with a mentor in their chosen field, Karina Ochs, assistant professor in the math department at Brookdale and administrator of the program, explained. “The NASA Fellows program exposes students to the research aspect of STEM careers to help encourage them to stay in the field,” said Ochs.

Arteaga and Mayo will meet with Teodorescu and Ochs every other week for support in all stages of their projects. Currently, Arteaga and Mayo are focusing on picking interesting and manageable projects.

“I have recently become very interested in data analysis,” Arteaga, a computer science major at Brookdale, said. He is considering a project that would involve gathering and analyzing data. Currently in his second year at Brookdale, Arteaga plans to earn his bachelor’s degree after completing his associate degree. “I am really happy that Brookdale has given me a lot of room to grow,” he said.

Mayo, a math major at Brookdale, is always researching new things outside of the classroom. While she is still deciding exactly what she wants her project to focus on, she said she is very interested in differential equations. “I have really liked all the math courses I have taken so far at Brookdale,” she said.

Be sure to join Arteaga and Mayo at the Student Achievement Showcase at the end of the spring 2022 semester to see the culmination of their research.

Caption: Karina Ochs, Jack Arteaga, and Ana Teodorescu proudly announce Brookdale’s eighth cohort of NASA Fellows.