Brookdale Community College recently signed a new program-to-program transfer agreement with Rider University. The agreement facilitates the transfer of credits toward a bachelor’s at Rider. It also provides Brookdale students who earn an associate degree guaranteed admission into five more Rider programs.

Our new agreement with Rider University continues to enhance our mission to provide high-quality and affordable educational pathways for our students.”  said Dr. David Stout, President of Brookdale.

The five new programs are popular music studies (general track), theatre (with concentrations in both technical theatre and acting), game and interactive media design, and computer science. With this new agreement, 35 programs at Brookdale are now guaranteed to transfer to Rider.

“Brookdale faculty, especially those in the Humanities, are very excited about this expanded agreement with Rider University. Our new Game Design program, for example, is very popular, and this provides yet another reason for students to consider it as a major. When universities like Rider make the transfer process easier for Brookdale students, it’s just another way we can help our students achieve their dreams. Thank you, Rider!”  said Meg Natter, Dean of Humanities at Brookdale Community College.

“We’re pleased to strengthen our relationship with Brookdale and extend partnerships that provide real benefits for students pursuing their education,” says Rider President Gregory G. Dell’Omo, Ph.D.

Brookdale maintains formal agreements with other Universities, as well as close ties and pathway partnerships with other institutions throughout New Jersey.

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