The Psi Beta National Honor Society recently held its induction ceremony at Brookdale Community College, celebrating students’ outstanding achievements in the psychology field. The ceremony, marked by a sense of pride and accomplishment, inducted several exceptional students who have shown exemplary dedication to the study and practice of psychology.

With each name called, anticipation filled the room as students stepped forward to receive their well-deserved recognition. M. Beth Boylan, Ph.D., professor of psychology and Psi Beta chapter advisor, said, “Being inducted into Psi Beta is not just an honor but also a significant step in the student’s journey in psychology. It opens doors to future opportunities and professional organizations that will enrich their careers.”

Dr. Boylan’s remarks highlighted the mission of Psi Beta, emphasizing its role in promoting excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service among psychology students. The ceremony retained its significance and solemnity, with students holding candles to symbolize the illumination of their academic pathways.

Among the inductees was Ava Bonanno, a Pearland native majoring in psychology and pre-social work whose academic interests include clinical psychology. Ava has demonstrated academic excellence and showcased her talents on stage, having performed alongside Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars. Her ambition to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees and work in a hospital setting reflects her commitment to making a difference in the field.Two men holding their certificates.

Another standout inductee was Joshua Cabral from Brooklyn, New York. His major in psychology and pre-law reflects his multifaceted interests in psychology, psychiatry, and civil rights law. Joshua’s dedication to his studies is evident from his involvement in various sports and his aspiration to become an All-American athlete and compete competitively in mixed martial arts.

Jessica Dickerman, from Hazlet, distinguished herself with her major in human services addiction studies and her academic interests in forensic psychology. She plans to transfer to Kean University this fall.

Katherine Goldzman, also from Hazlet, is majoring in psychology and is interested in human resources and forensics. As a member of the National Society for Leadership and Success, Katherine’s dedication to leadership and community service is commendable. Her goal is to transfer to Montclair State University this fall to continue her studies in psychology and minor in human resources.

Gina Hernandez, a pre-social work major, demonstrated her passion for family and child psychology and commitment to community service. She will be interning with plans to pursue a career at Monmouth Cares as a care manager; Gina’s dedication to helping others is truly admirable.

Josefina Mack, from Greensboro, NJ, is majoring in psychology, with academic interests in cultural, industrial/organizational, and biopsychosocial psychology. Josefina was active as chair of the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee for PTK Honor Society, a member of the Innovation Network (TIN) and the Environmental Club, and a leader within the church community. Her future goals include becoming a medical doctor.

Ariel Santana, from Howell, is a pre-social work major with an interest in counseling and psychology. She plans to transfer to Rutgers for her bachelor’s and master’s in counseling psychology.

Kevonna Robinson, who is from Neptune and resides in Howell, is a pre-social work major with an academic interest in clinical social work and mental health therapy. She is a first-year Brookdale student and mother. Her transfer and career goals are to obtain a BSW/MSW from Rutgers University School of Social Work.

Andrea Peralta, from Long Branch, is a pre-social work major with an academic interest in clinical psychology. She plans to transfer through the Rutgers-Brookdale partnership program to obtain her BSW/MSW from Rutgers University.

The ceremony also honored Samuel Tsai, who has mastered three languages—Spanish, Mandarin, and English—for use in his therapeutic practice. He aims to transfer to Rider University and join the 3+1 master’s in applied psychology program.

Additional inductees are Fernando Camerino, Gianna D’Angelo, and Thomas Haber.

The event was made even more memorable with a heartfelt address by guest speaker Dr. Nicole Jackson Walker, a professor of psychology and human services, licensed therapist in private practice, Ed.D. in counselor education and supervision, master’s in psychological counseling, and a volunteer who promotes mental health awareness and advocates for underserved populations. Dr. Jackson Walker’s insightful words resonated with the audience as she emphasized the importance of curiosity, attitude, and motivation in pursuing a career in psychology. Her message inspired the new inductees to continue their journey with enthusiasm and determination.

As the ceremony concluded, the new members of the Psi Beta National Honor Society were filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Their induction serves as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for psychology. With their bright futures ahead, these outstanding students are poised to make significant contributions to the field and society.