Elementary and middle school students got to experience first hand how fun science can be at the Chemistry Carnival held on the Lincroft campus of Brookdale Community College on November 10.Students watching a science experiment.

Designed as a way to get students involved with science at a young age, the event featured hands on activities that illustrated scientific principles in action. For example, participants got to make and then play with oobleck, the non-Newtonian substance that acts like a liquid when poured but a solid when squeezed. They got to play with and make their own slime. Plus, every good scientific experiment needs at least one explosion, right? Students got to experience the explosive force of releasing carbon dioxide!Students watching an experiment.

Eric Goll, professor in the chemistry department, organized the event. Brookdale chemistry students worked directly with the elementary and middle school students, showing them the experiments, encouraging the students to participate, and educating them about the scientific principles illustrated all while having fun.