Students with the Chinese lion dance costume.
The Executive Board Members of Brookdale’s Asia Society pose with the lion dance costume.

Brookdale’s Asia Society celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year on February 25 during college hour.

The members of the student club had numerous ways for Brookdale students and staff to get involved and join in the celebration. Visitors learned how to write Chinese calligraphy characters to express words and greetings associated with the New Year Celebration. Using the Chinese zodiac animal signs charts, members of the Asia Society told students fortunes using the strengths and weaknesses of their animal sign.  In addition, guests received their own well wishes for the new year and could write a personal message of happiness, health, peace and good fortune for other students.

In addition to the interactive aspect of the celebration, members of the student club performed traditional Chinese fan dances which have been a part of China’s heritage for thousands of years. Members also performed a lion dance which is traditionally performed at Chinese festivals to bring good luck and fortune. The lion dance is performed by two people but is similar to the dragon dance which is performed by a larger group of dancers.

Students performing a Chinese fan dance.
Members of the Asia Society performing a traditional Chinese fan dance.