Brookdale Community College has a reputation of educational excellence that has been built by the hard work and dedication of outstanding employees over the past five decades.

The following distinguished retired employees have served the Brookdale community with honor distinction for more than 25 years. Their contributions helped establish Brookdale Community College as one of the finest community colleges in the country.

“The title of Emeritus is the most esteem title that Brookdale can bestow upon a former employee,” said President Dr. David M. Stout. “The Trustees of Brookdale Community College recognize the 2021-22 class of Emeritus employees who will have their names inscribed and housed in the Bankier Library as a permanent tribute to their enduring influence at Brookdale.”

Professors Emeritus
Barbara Gonos
Floresta Jones
Ron Sopenoff
Sally Sorrell
Bill Temleton
Mike Toomey

Administrators Emeritus
Sue Desiderato
Jackie Kugit
Maris Lown
Paul Zigo

Staff Emeritus
Ruben Guerra

Posthumous Recognition
Dr. Duncan Circle/ Professor Emeritus
Alice Dressner-Ehrlich/ Professor Emeritus