Daniel Reizis has served on the Brookdale Foundation Board for two years. The lifelong Monmouth County resident lives in Lincroft and is the father of five-year-old twins. After earning his degree in physical therapy from Quinnipiac University, Reizis started his own practice in Lake Como. The practice now encompasses seven locations in Central Jersey.

Daniel Reizis head shot.Can you tell us about your personal and professional background?

I am a first-generation Russian American and first-generation college graduate. I am fortunate to live in this country which has offered me countless opportunities. My parents worked long hours at manual jobs to provide a chance at the American dream for myself and my 2 brothers. I did not learn to speak English until I was 6.  Like many Brookdale students, I know about struggle and hard work. After earning my degree, I started my own physical therapy practice in 2011. Our focus is to provide the best care and experience to the local community.

How would you describe Brookdale students and the Brookdale community?

Brookdale students are some of the most compassionate, driven and hard-working individuals I have come across. They are driven to succeed and take their studies very seriously. They work tirelessly alongside the talented professors, and they are very active within the community.

How did you first become involved with the Brookdale Foundation?

I always strive to be involved in community affairs with my medical practice. I was happy to say yes when asked to join the Brookdale Foundation. It allowed me to expand on my continuous desire to give back to the local community.

I love being able to make a difference in the community. If we can open doors for students to opportunities, then I know that my colleagues and I have fulfilled our purpose.

“Brookdale students are some of the most compassionate, driven and hard-working individuals I have come across. They are driven to succeed and take their studies very seriously.”

-Daniel Reizis

Were you familiar with Brookdale prior to joining the board?

Yes. I was well-versed with Brookdale and took courses here during college. Since joining, I’ve learned more about the many great opportunities Brookdale offers students and the community.

What’s the role of the Foundation board?

First and foremost, it is to raise awareness of the many wonderful programs and opportunities offered at Brookdale. We also aim to raise funds for student scholarships and to attract grants for the various programs. We are part of the community and participate in various charitable drives throughout the year.

What are some of the activities that are especially meaningful to you?

I take great pride in fundraising to support Brookdale students and programs. Surpassing our goals is certainly rewarding. It’s all about creating that opportunity so others can attain their goals and dreams.

Helping to make the connections that led to the partnership with Ray Catena was a great moment for Brookdale and the Foundation. Ray Catena has a fantastic reputation for exceptional customer experience. Knowing the booming trade industry and the need for highly-skilled workers, I knew this would be a great collaboration between Brookdale and Ray Catena. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to assist Brookdale in growing the program.

What’s your sense of the public’s general impression of community college?

Unfortunately, some still hold onto a negative stereotype about those who attend community colleges. Nothing could be farther from the truth as Brookdale does a fantastic job of providing students with a comprehensive, quality education that’s affordable.

College tuition has risen arguably faster than any other expense relative to inflation. As such, it’s essential to take advantage of affordable opportunities as higher education will extend beyond four years for many. Additionally, the trade industry has been the largest driver of economic growth. Brookdale also prepares students for opportunities in these areas. The trend toward technology and automation will only accelerate.

Photo caption: (left to right) Tim Zeiss, executive director of the Brookdale Foundation & Alumni affairs; Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale Community College and Daniel Reizis.