Brookdale participated in the nationwide Voter Registration Day on September 24 with voter registration tables set up in numerous locations across the Lincroft campus.

Voter Registration Day aims to encourage people to register, educates voters about making sure their registration is current and provides information on how to get an absentee ballot.

Picture of students in front of cardboard cutouts of political figures.
Students Gloria Santos and Grace Maloney encouraged their peers to register to vote.

Brookdale students participated in the event by staffing information tables and encouraging their peers to vote. They also encouraged students to add their own message explaining why voting matters to posters.

“I’m hoping to encourage civic engagement among young voices and young voters,” said Payge Herdy, a second year student, who staffed one of the voter registration tables. She is active with the Campus Election Engagement Project and said she wants students to know that “voting is a right everyone should exercise.”

Jonathon Ahl, a second year student and member of the History and Political Science Club, said many students forget to participate in elections. “I want to remind them of their civic duty,” he said.

Fellow History and Political Science Club member Noah Gradl said he wants to educate his fellow students about voting in federal and local elections. “To implement change, you need to participate. The first step in participating is to engage in the political process,” he said.

“In order to change the system, you have to be involved,” said James McNerlin, second year student. “Voting is the easiest way to do that,” he said.

“Even one vote can make a difference,” said Gianna Simon, first year student. That is why she volunteered her time to help fellow students register to vote.

Students holding American flags.
Gianna Simon and Alessandra Carrillo, both first year students, participated in Voter Registration Day at Brookdale.

Alessandra Carrillo, a first year student, explained she is currently a United States resident and not a citizen yet, so she is not able to vote. However, she was still helping staff the information table and encouraging other students to register. “I work as an immigration paralegal,” she said. “I wanted to get informed about voting for myself when I am able to vote and to get more information for my clients.”

“Registering to vote is important because it supports free, fair elections,” said Michael J. Carroll, second year student and member of the History and Political Science Club.

On October 10, the Campus Election Engagement Project is organizing a Rock the Vote event where local bands and local politicians will be invited to campus to help encourage students to vote on Tuesday, November 5.

Brookdale’s participation in the event was coordinated by Brookdale’s Campus Election Engagement Project Club and the History and Political Science Club.