April is National Poetry Month

Justin Lopez came to Brookdale for an event on March 31st to guide and engage the audience in Happyvism, a project that activates and spreads joy in black and brown communities and beyond by embracing self-love. This poem was a culmination of those who participated and expressed their joy.

Choosing joy

My joy is a tapestry of moments, A patchwork of experiences sewn, From the mundane to the extraordinary, From the simple pleasures to the unknown.

It’s the taste of childhood comfort food, The sound of laughter and heartbeats, The feeling of sand between my toes, The rhythm of a dope bassline beat.

It’s the courage and hope I find within, The tenacity of those who make a difference, The unruly hair and firm handshakes, The clarity and gratefulness in my existence.

It’s the birds chirping and the koi pond bubbling, The sound of the ocean and the rain, The pizza and the taste of curry goat, The simple moments that keep me sane.

My joy is found in the company of loved ones, In sharing stories and being silly, In helping others and being kind, In finding beauty in the ordinary.

So let us cherish these moments of joy, And hold onto them with all our might, For they are the memories that sustain us, And bring us hope in the darkest of nights.