Students for Global Citizenship Club (S4GC)


Students for Global Citizenship is an official student club at Brookdale Community College. Members are active in events that bring about awareness of global issues to the Brookdale Community. We meet every other Thursday of each month during the regular semester.



Each year, the club chooses a theme and works toward bringing awareness of the global issues surrounding the theme. Then members act by collecting donations or fundraising to support an organization or group in need.

Prior Themes

2010 – 1           Human Rights – Human Slavery

2011 – 12         Poverty

2012 – 13         Hunger

2013 – 14         Water 4 Life

2014 – 15         Lack of Water Resources / Education for girls

2015 – 16         Global Health / Water Borne Illness

2016 – 17         Global Health / Health care professionals

2017 – 18         Immigrants and Refugees

2017 – 19         Immigrants and Refugees

2019 – 20         One World: Environmental Issues

2021 – 21         One World: Environmental Issues



Brookdale’s S4GC was cited in a 2015 publication produced by the American Council on Education as a “model from the field” for global and intercultural student organizations.

Internationalization in Action: Internationalizing the Co-curriculum (p. 16).

Faculty Advisor: Terry Konn


S4GC fundraiser 2011 S4GC