Brookdale Community College’s Ongoing Partnership Provides Student Support and Services

November marks the 50th anniversary of New Jersey’s Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF). EOF remains as vibrant as ever at the half century mark, providing a pathway for thousands of first-generation students annually to earn their college degrees.

“Our partnership with New Jersey’s EOF program is an important component in furthering our mission to provide access to an education that will open up opportunities for underserved populations,” said Brookdale President David M. Stout.

Since EOF’s inception more than 42,000 students statewide earned their degree with an annual enrollment today of more than 12,000 students in 62 programs at two- and four-year institutions. EOF provides academic guidance and support services including counseling and supplemental instruction.

“Brookdale’s EOF students are among our best students, contributing to campus life in the classroom and the community,” said Brookdale EOF Director Richard Morales-Wright. “Our staff works closely with our students to help them succeed academically and to prepare for the next step in their careers.”

Brookdale and EOF have evolved together, with Brookdale admitting its first class of students in 1969. Enrollment in the EOF program on campus exceeds 400 students for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The EOF program sponsored several events on campus and at other locations to mark the milestone. For more information about the EOF program at Brookdale, please visit

Conceived by the Assemblyman and former Governor Thomas H. Kean in 1968, EOF helps students from underserved populations with financial assistance to cover expenses such as books, fees, room and board not covered by the Federal Pell Grant and the State’s Tuition Aid Grant Advantage (TAG) Program.