The OceanFirst Foundation awarded $40,000 to the Brookdale Community College Foundation, giving them the opportunity to provide 40 $1,000 scholarships to deserving students to continue their college education in the 2022-2023 academic year.

“I am grateful for our partnership with OceanFirst Foundation that has granted over 600 scholarships to Brookdale students throughout the years and whose careers they have helped to launch,” said Brookdale President Dr. David Stout. “I know receiving a scholarship is so meaningful because it means someone believes in you and is willing to put their resources behind you. I was a scholarship recipient myself and understand the transformative impact a scholarship can have.”

OceanFirst Foundation has a long-standing tradition of supporting higher education. In the thirteen years of the Ocean First Scholarship Program, $3.7 million has been awarded to more than 2,500 students across OceanFirst Bank’s New Jersey footprint to help them pursue their dream of higher education.

Brookdale students receiving the scholarship expressed their gratitude and relief from the support. They can now fully take part in college life, turning it into a rich wide experience.

“This scholarship helps me by not having to worry about the burden of tuition. Instead, I can focus on getting my Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering at Brookdale Community College and focus on being President of the Engineering Student Association,” said Francisco Aguirre Ponce.

Bianca Japitana said she is inspired to invest in her community just as OceanFirst is investing in her. They play a significant part in her success as a future Nurse Anesthetist.

Casey White said she is using her scholarship to make a dream come true, “With this scholarship, I have the comfort of focusing on my education rather than the money expected from me to pay for it. Without the aid provided by OceanFirst, I would not be able to afford to get the experience I need to become a professional musician.”

OceanFirst Foundation is not only supporting students on their educational journey by allowing them to focus their attention on their continuing personal development needs, but they are also making a worthwhile contribution to their future success.

“Through the generosity of organizations like OceanFirst, Brookdale Community College Foundation awards a number of scholarships for our students,” said Vice President of Advancement Nancy Kaari. “Last year the Foundation was able to provide over $700,000 in scholarship, grants, and program support.”

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