Brookdale Community College and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) recently signed a 3+1 and articulation agreement designed to make the transfer process easier and more affordable for Brookdale graduates.

The agreement defines clear pathways for obtaining a bachelor’s degree and allows Brookdale graduates to transfer a total of up to 90 credits to be applied to their bachelor’s degree at SNHU, a private, nonprofit, accredited university that offers over 200 degree programs, many of which are available fully online. This new arrangement makes transferring to SNHU an affordable and convenient way for students to continue their higher education.

“We are proud to partner with Southern New Hampshire University, one of the nation’s leaders in online education,” said Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale Community College. “This articulation agreement provides for a seamless transition to SNHU for our nursing and business administration students who can apply up to 90 Brookdale credits towards earning their bachelor’s degrees,” he said.

“Brookdale’s mission is all about providing opportunities and pathways for our students to realize their potential, and this agreement with SNHU advances those goals,” said Stout.

“At SNHU, we partner with a number of community colleges across the country to help students continue their education, and we’re proud to be teaming up with Brookdale Community College,” said Greg Fowler, President of Global Campus, SNHU. “Through this new partnership, thousands of learners will have the opportunity to seamlessly transfer their credits to SNHU and continue on their educational journey.”

Traditionally, four-year colleges and universities accept up to 60 credits, the average amount of credits needed for an associate degree, from community college transfer students. However, SNHU will accept an additional 30 credits, the average of another year of study, from Brookdale graduates. These additional 30 credits taken at Brookdale mean even more savings.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the average yearly tuition and fees for a bachelor’s degree in the 2019-2020 school year from an in-state public college was over $11,000, and for an out-of-state public college, tuition was over $27,000. Students who take advantage of the agreement between Brookdale and SNHU pay Brookdale’s affordable average tuition rate for three years. That means Brookdale graduates who transfer 90 credits to SNHU can save over $15,000 on their education!

In addition to SNHU accepting up to 90 credits from Brookdale graduates, the new agreement includes a 10 percent discount on tuition at SNHU. This discount, as well as an application fee waiver, is available for all Brookdale graduates as well as Brookdale employees and their immediate family members. This partnership makes bachelor’s degrees more affordable for members of the Brookdale community.

Brookdale Community College’s agreement with Southern New Hampshire University is the college’s latest partnership designed to help Brookdale graduates obtain affordable and convenient bachelor’s degrees and beyond. Brookdale has similar New Jersey 3+1 Pathway Partnership agreements with Georgian Court University and Thomas Edison State University which allow Brookdale graduates to transfer up to 90 credits towards their bachelor’s degree at these schools. Brookdale partners with elite universities to make it more affordable and easier for graduates to achieve their educational goals. Brookdale Community College, here will get you there.