Student Ambassadors are a helpful presence on the Brookdale Community College Lincroft campus.

Student Ambassadors work either in the Admissions Office or with Student Life and Activities. They are student employees who can be seen around campus doing jobs such as staffing the information desks at the Warner Student Life Building and the CAR Building, acting as small group leaders at new student orientations, leading college tours and helping out at numerous campus events such as Open House. The ambassadors are also a helpful resource for their fellow students with questions about life at Brookdale.

To become a Student Ambassador, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be registered for at least six credits during the semester, completed at least 12 credits and make at least a one semester commitment.

The Students Ambassadors in the Admissions Office this year are Yolandi Androski, Bani Kaur, Vitalii Nikolaienko and Weeda Osman.

Picture of the three student ambassadors.
Yolandi Androski, Vitalii Nikolaienko, and Weeda Osman are all Student Ambassadors who work in the Admissions Office.

“On my first day at Brookdale, I was completely lost, but one of the Student Ambassadors really helped me. From that day, I felt I would love to do this job and help others,” said Kaur.

Kaur is an international student from India and decided to attend Brookdale because it was highly recommended by her cousins who attended Brookdale. “The small size of the classrooms allows for better student to professor relationships and better understanding in the classes,” said Kaur, a computer science major.

Androski just completed her first semester of nursing classes. “I had many different options, but the Brookdale Nursing program has such a very good reputation so I knew that I wanted to study nursing here at Brookdale. I am so happy with my decision,” she said.

“Brookdale welcomed me and made me feel like I belonged,” Androski said. She explained that she applied for the position of a Student Ambassador because, like Kaur, she wanted to help other students. “I wanted an opportunity to welcome incoming students to Brookdale just as Brookdale welcomed me,” she said.

 “On my first day at Brookdale, I was completely lost, but one of the student ambassadors really helped me. From that day, I felt I would love to do this job and help others.”

-Bani Kaur

The opportunity to work on campus as a Student Ambassador has numerous benefits.

“Brookdale has amazing opportunities if sought out that can contribute greatly to one’s future success,” said Osman, a business administration major.

Osman started working as a Student Ambassador last year. She explained that during her first semester at Brookdale she was working two jobs in addition to being a full-time student, and she found herself overwhelmed.

“I came across a ‘Work on Campus’ flyer one day in Larrison Hall and immediately sought out Career Services to find out more,” Osman said. She applied for the position of Student Ambassador because she said the description of “being the face of Brookdale and helping out students really stood out to me, and I have loved working as a Student Ambassador ever since.”

Working at the college allowed Osman to focus more on school since she was able to eventually quit the two part-time jobs she was juggling in addition to school work. She now works with the Office of Admissions.

Nikolaienko, a computer science web development major, started at Brookdale with English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, but is now working on his career studies. As an international student, his only choice for work is a position on campus.

“I have a customer service background so I felt this is the right place for me,” he said.