The Brookdale Graphic Design department is excited to announce that they will be hosting, in collaboration with the Global Citizen Project, the first Center for the Visual Arts Gallery (CVA) art exhibit of the Spring Semester 2022. The exhibit will feature the photography of Tom Turcich documenting his 7-plus year walk around the world with his dog Savannah. The exhibition is named after Tom’s journey, “The World Walk.”

Over the better part of the past decade, Tom’s tale has gained a viral following. Most recently of note, he appeared on the Netflix tv show “Worn Stories.” However, his desire to begin this undertaking was not born from the pursuit of fame; rather, quite the contrary. Tom’s decision to set off on this journey was spurred by the sudden passing of his close friend Annmarie. In this moment of darkness, he realized the ephemeral nature of existence. It became clear that he wanted to dedicate the next chapter of his life to see the world and all the culture it had to offer.

His journey began as an open-ended tale in search of finding more. Nevertheless, his photos and words have been woven together over the years to form a scrapbook of global culture. In that manner, Tom’s narrative now reflects Brookdale’s Global Citizens Project’s theme this year by literally and figuratively transcending borders and division. Even at a glance, it becomes clear that his experiences across the globe are ones filled with overwhelming amounts of love and positivity.

Please join us virtually for a reception and Q & A with the artist on February 10th. The exhibit will run for four weeks beginning on January 17th. All are welcome!