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Name Phone Department Position
Lugo, Melissa Office of Continuing & Prof St Hourly
Luick, Marilee 732-224-2672 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Lukac, Michael Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Luna, Nicole English Adjunct-English
Lutcza, Timothy Culinary Arts Adjunct - Culinary Arts
Lynch, Kelly Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Lynn, Marissa Biology Adjunct-Biology
Lyons, Kia Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Maber, Marie 732-224-2881 Fine Art Associate Professor-Art
Macaluso, Timothy 732-224-1959 Environmental Sciences Instructional Assistant-Environmental Sciences
Maccanico, Maria 732-774-3363 Brookdale At Neptune Higher Education Assistant
Macchio, John Athletics Camp Coordinator-Recreation
MacFarlane, Susan Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Mack, Susan 732-224-2555 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
MacKay, Michele 732-224-1984 Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
MacLaughlin, Karen 732-224-2377 Athletics Camp Coordinator-Recreation
Macomber, Darlene 732-224-2917 Philosophy Professor-Philosophy
Madas, Yesenia 732-224-2556 Counseling Associate Professor-Counseling
Maffey, Adele Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Magliacane, John 732-224-2948 Computer Science Academic Tutor-Computer Science
Maguire, Gina Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Mahadeen, Gregory 732-224-2562 Fitness Center Fitness Center Specialist
Mahaffey, John Grounds Senior Specialist-Facilities
Mahajan, Jeffrey Music Adjunct-Music
Mahler, Maurice Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Dept of Labor
Mahns, Michael Architecture Adjunct-Architecture
Maisuria, Hemaxiben 732-294-2672 Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Maki, Kelsey 732-224-2636 English Instructor-English
Malleck, Shaun Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Malmros, Eric 732-224-2381 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-Facilities
Malmros, Jeana 732-224-2770 Office of Student Success Confidential Assistant to the Dean
Malpass, Alison Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Malpica Proctor, Olga 732-224-2683 Mathematics Associate Professor-Mathematics
Mandalas, Elizabeth English Adjunct-English
Mandel, Catherine Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Mangan, Judith English Adjunct-English
Manning, Edward 732-625-7008 Brookdale At Freehold Student Assistant
Manopla, Fortuna Languages/ESL Hourly-Learning Assistant
Mantlick, Diane Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Marascio, Christine Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Marasco, Gregory Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Mariano, William English Adjunct-English
Marich, Bruce 732-739-6015 Brookdale At Hazlet Director-Higher Education Center
Marino, Andrea Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Marino, Joanna Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Markulic, Donna Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Marousis-Bush, Jeremy English Adjunct-English
Marshall, Arthur 732-224-2203 Education Professor
Martens, Robert 732-224-2908 Biology Assistant Professor-Biology
Martin, Catherine 732-224-2397 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Martin, Deanna Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Martin, Kendra Common College Work Study
Martin, Linda 732-224-2303 Community Outreach Director-Community Outreach
Martin, Robyn Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Martin, Stephen Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Martinez, Vianca Recruitment Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Martino, Maria ABE/GED Abe Specialist
Marvulli, Cynthia 732-222-5200 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Mascolino, Patricia Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Mashreqi, Hamza Chemistry Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Masi, Joseph Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Masiello, John Economics Adjunct-Economics
Mason, Glenn Organizational Safety Hourly-Security Guard
Masoomzadeh, Amin Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Mass, Linda 732-224-2572 Admissions & Registration Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Massaro, Linda 732-224-2520 Office of Business & Social Sc Senior Office Assistant-Business & Social Science
Massaro-Johnson, Wendy 732-224-2118 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Mastrella, Antonia Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Mastrodomenico, Valerie College Store Hourly-Common Services Clerk
Mastromarino, Anthony Economics Adjunct-Economics
Matassa, Carolyn Enrollment Management Hourly-Academic Advisor
Matassa, Laurie Library Hourly Adjunct
Mathers-Lowery, Becky Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Mattos, Roberto Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Mattsson, Erin 732-224-2281 Office of Continuing & Prof St Senior Assistant-Registration-CPS
Matulonis, Kathryn English Adjunct-English
Mauro, Robert Eastern Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
Mayo, Cynthia Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Mazzaroppi, Gary 732-224-1900 Music Adjunct-Music
McAuley, Mara 732-224-1886 Allied Health Instructor-Health Information Technology
McBride, Michele 732-224-2490 Radio Station Senior Specialist-Production
McCabe, Megan Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
McCabe, Rosemary Nursing Hourly Adjunct
McCaffery, Esther Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
McCarthy, James 732-224-2186 Career Pathways Manager-Business Training
McCarthy, Tracy Office of Continuing & Prof St Hourly
McCarty, Betty Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
McClellan, Michael Art Adjunct-Art
McClure, Julia Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
McClure, Robert 732-224-2536 Automotive Assistant Professor-Automotive Technology
McConnell, James Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
McConnell, Janet Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
McConville, James English Adjunct-English
McCormick, Guy Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
McCue, Tyler Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
McCullough, Laura 732-224-2053 English Associate Professor - English
McDermott, Martin 732-224-2102 Speech Communication Associate Professor-Speech
McDow, Kenneth Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
McElroy, Sarah 732-224-2385 Career & Leadership Dev. Director-Career Services
McGaughran, Frank 732-224-1810 Events Management Technology Operations Specialist-Special Events
McGee, Kenneth 732-224-2625 Innovation Center Learning Space Specialist-Innovations Center
McGeehan, Martha 732-224-1900 Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
McGinley, John Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
McGovern, Pam Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
McGovern, Robert 732-224-1926 English Assistant Professor-English
McGowan, Susan English Adjunct-English
McGrath, Susan Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
McGreevy, Kathleen 732-224-2287 Human Resources & Org Safety Confidential Administrative Assistant
McGuinness, Deirdre Health Services Hourly, Sr. Office Assistant
McHugh, Nancy 732-224-2434 Automotive Lab Technician-Automotive
McKeever, Dolores Biology Adjunct-Biology
McKeon, Brian 732-224-2868 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
McKillop, Andrew Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
McLaughlin, Brenna Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
McMahon, Janet 732-224-2484 Library Associate-Library
McMillon, Avis 732-224-2967 College Relations Executive Director-College Relations
McNally, Henry Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
McNamara, Brian Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
McNamee, Daniel Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
McShea, James Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
McWalters, Adamantia Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Medley, Michael 732-224-1867 Events Management Manager-Events Management
Megill, Patricia Fitness Fitness-Dance/Yoga Instructor
Mejias-Fuertes, Jackeline 732-224-2437 Small Business Development Cen Director-Small Business Development
Melody, Eugene 732-219-0099 Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Melvin, Betsy English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Memmer, Wallace Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Mencel, Charles 732-224-2651 English Assistant Professor-English
Mensing, John 732-224-2993 Computer Science Associate Professor-Computer Science
Mergenthaler, Brenda Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Merola, Geanna 732-224-2667 Photography Professor-Photography
Messenger, Keith Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Messere, Rose 732-224-2064 Career & Leadership Dev. Coordinator-Career Services
Messina, Joan 732-224-2694 Payroll Payroll Manager
Messina, Nicholas Radio Station Hourly
Meyer, Debbie 732-224-2923 Economics Professor-Economics
Meyer, James Business Management Adjunct-Management
Meyer, Patricia 732-224-2247 Payroll Senior Assistant=payroll
Micciola, Lisa Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Miceli, Laura 732-224-2567 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Mickle, Russell 609-943-5329 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Migliore, Laura English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Mika, Robert Economics Adjunct-Economics
Mikolajczak, William 732-224-2810 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Millan, Rosanne Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Miller, Brian 6097990909254 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Miller, Howard 732-224-2312 Speech Communication Associate Professor-Speech
Miller, Judith Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Miller, Katelyn 732-224-2123 Athletics Assistant Director-Athletics & Recreation
Miller, Tara Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Milstein, Linda Office of Continuing & Prof St Associate Director- CTE
Minchew, Carina Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Miraglia, John 732-383-2757 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Mishak, Robyn Library Hourly, Associate
Mitchell, Willa ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Mitra, Diditi 732-224-2537 Sociology Assistant Professor-Sociology
Mohlmann, Kelly College Store Hourly - Office Clerk
Molina, Rosenberg ABE/GED Hourly-ABE Specialist
Molloy, William Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Molski, Anita 732-224-1977 Office of STEM Institute Administrator
Moltisanti, Jenna 732-229-1512 Brookdale At Long Branch Student Services Generalist
Molzon, Katherine Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Monroe, Susan 732-224-2092 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Monroy, Elsy Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Monroy, Gerry 732-224-2619 Languages/ESL Professor-Languages
Montanez, Maria Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Montemorano, Matthew 732-224-2863 Communication Media Instructor-Communications
Moore, Suzanne History Adjunct-History
Moore, Traci 732-224-2505 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Morales-Wright, Richard 732-224-2512 EOF Office Director-EOF
Moralle, Kathleen ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Moran, Diane Business Management Adjunct-Management
Morehead, Diane Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Morgan, Christopher 732-224-2353 Police Senior Sergeant
Morgan, Kelly Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Morgan, Kerry Legal Studies Adjunct-Paralegal Studies
Moroses, Susanne Eastern Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
Morresi, Judith Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Morris, Ruth Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Morris, Selma Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Morrison, Darlene Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Moschberger, Jonathan 732-224-2321 Political Science Associate Professor-Political Science
Moseman, James Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Mottola, Marjorie Music Adjunct-Music
Moulayes, Mhd Yasser Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Mount, Cameron English Instructor-English
Mousa, Shaden Art Adjunct-Art
Mueller, Elizabeth 732-224-7503 Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Mueller, Patricia Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Mullen, Kathleen 732-224-2641 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Muller, Patricia 732-840-3356 Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Mulligan, Lori Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Mullings, Priscilla 732-224-2813 Career Pathways Senior Office Assistant-Career Pathways
Mulvey, Sally 732-224-2087 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Muly, Darin Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Mungiello, Edoardo Art Adjunct-Art
Munoz, Robert Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Mura, Deborah 732-224-2781 Communication Media Assistant Professor-Communications
Murin, Maureen English Adjunct-English
Murowski, Andrea 732-224-2927 Accounting Associate Professor-Accounting
Murphy, John Biology Adjunct-Biology
Murphy, Julie 732-224-2306 Admissions & Registration Enrollment Specialist
Murphy, Kyle Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Murphy, Lori Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Murphy, Maureen 732-224-2204 President's Office President
Murphy, Ondrea 732-224-2713 Library Hourly Adjunct
Murphy, Pamela English Adjunct-English
Murray, Dawn 732-224-2291 Common Services-Administration Inventory Control/Fixed Asset Assistant
Muscio, Cara Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Myklebust, Kirsten 732-224-1900 Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Mytnick, Alison Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Nagle, Josephine 732-842-1900 Music Adjunct-Music
Nagler, Dianne Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Nahmod, Roseann Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Nanda, Rey 732-224-2325 Office of Information Technol Senior Programmer Analyst
Natter, Margaret 732-224-1972 English Assistant Professor-English
Needle, Jacob History Adjunct-History
Negoita, Mirela Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Negri, Camille Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Neitzel, Laura 732-224-2557 History Associate Professor-History
Nekervis, Stacy English Adjunct-English
Nelson, Amy Biology Adjunct-Biology
Nelson, Joshua Biology Adjunct-Biology
Nelson, Michael Architecture Adjunct-Architecture
Neureuther, George 732-224-1844 Office of Information Technol Senior Programmer Analyst
Neville, Margaret Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Newhall, Julie English Adjunct-English
Nicholson, Phyllis 732-224-2014 Office of Humanities Senior Office Assistant-Humanities
Nicola, Nicolette 732-224-2627 Reading & Learning Dis Instructional Assistant-Reading
Nicolosi, Angela Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Niepielko, Angela English Adjunct-English
Nigrelli, Valerie 732-224-1825 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Nigro, Dominick 732-224-2555 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Ning, Harold Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Nissim, Teresa 732-224-2638 Office of Finance & Operations Staff Accountant
Nixon, Jeff 732-842-0500 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Noble, Diana Lee Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Noe, Glenn 732-224-2013 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
Noe, Nancy 732-224-2678 English Professor-English
Noel, Rodney Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Noel, Shawn 732-224-2044 Athletics Director-Athletics & Recreation
Nolan, Diane Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Nolan, Kevin 732-224-2378 Financial Aid Assistant Director-Financial Aid
Nolan, Michael 732-224-2113 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Nordgaard, Kirsten Recruitment Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Norton, Karen Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Norwood, Evan 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Notaro, John Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Novak, Cara 732-625-7015 Brookdale At Freehold Freehold Administrator
Nulle, Alexis Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Nusbaum, Susan 732-224-2110 Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
O’Brien, Donald Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
O’Brien, Ellen Library Hourly Adjunct
O’Brien, Erin English Adjunct-English
O’Carroll, Patricia Nursing Hourly Adjunct
O’Connor, Robert Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
O’Connor, Theresa Electronics Adjunct-Electronics
O’Gorman, Charles Economics Adjunct-Economics
O’Halloran, Roger Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
O’Hara, John Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
O’Mara, Thomas Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
O’Neill, Edward 732-224-2412 Architecture Professor-Architecture
O’Neill, Karen 732-224-2499 EOF Office Hourly-Associate, Student Development
O’Reilly, Gerard Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
O’Shea, Mitchell Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
O’Shea, Nancy 732-224-2076 Testing Services Manager
Oland, Brian 732-625-7009 Counseling Associate Professor-Counseling
Olaoye, Elaine 732-224-2848 Psychology Professor-Psychology
Oldak, William Organizational Safety Hourly-Security Guard
Oldakowski, Margaret Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Oldoerp, Audrey 732-613-6900 Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Oliver, Diane 732-842-1900 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Olsen, Bernard History Adjunct-History
Ondimu, Ben Biology Adjunct-Biology
Onel, Naz Environmental Sciences Adjunct - Environmental Studies
Orloff, David Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Orton, Joel 908-981-4489 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Dept of Labor
Ortore, Janice 732-224-2260 Foundation/Alumni Affairs Coordinator-Foundation/Alumni Affairs
Ortore, Steven 732-224-6233 Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Osmond, Erica Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Osmun, Melissa Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Ospina-Varon, Beatriz Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Ostella, Frank Biology Adjunct-Biology
Otis, Christopher Facilities Administration Manager-Fire
Ottinger, Emilia Communiversity/HEC Hourly, HEC Assistant
Overgard, Michael Library Hourly Adjunct
Oversen, Ernest 732-224-2729 Disability Services Director-Disability Services
Owens, Rosemarie Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Paccione, Donna 732-224-1900 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Paci, Michelle Physics Instructional Assistant-Physics
Paden, Jamil Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Paden, Stephanie Radio Station Hourly-On Air Operator
Padula, Steven 732-577-8786 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Page, Dani Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Pagliuca, Catherine English Adjunct-English
Pagoulatos, Peter 732-224-2545 Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Paige, Katrina English Adjunct-English
Pajewski, Janet Continuing & Prof Studies Hourly
Palazzo, Dolores 732-224-1896 English Academic Tutor-Writing
Palermo, Michael Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Palisi, Andrea Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Pallister, Jennifer Biology Adjunct-Biology
Palmieri, Lisa College Relations Hourly
Palumbo, Joseph Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Panitz, Andrew 732-224-1904 Mathematics Associate Professor-Mathematics
Pannone, Cheryl Biology Adjunct-Biology
Pansini, Jill Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Parani, Kerry Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Parenti, Tema 732-842-1900 Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Parikh, Princy Chemistry Hourly-Learning Assistant
Park, Jennifer Library Hourly Adjunct
Parker, Shirley 732-224-2338 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Parker, Suzanne 732-224-2650 English Associate Professor - English
Parkinson, Robert Performing Arts Center Hourly-Stage Technician
Parr, Kelly 732-224-2193 Technologies Project Manager-Emate
Parron, Eugenia 732-224-2698 Psychology Professor-Psychology
Pascua, Joel Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Pasquarella, Loretta Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Passiment, Joseph Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Patronelli, Jennifer Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Patterson, Julie 732-224-2229 Testing Services Senior Technician-Testing Services
Pease, Dean 732-224-2299 Physical Plant Utilities Operating Engineer
Pease, Richard 732-229-8440 Police Security Guard-Long Branch
Pedersen, Thomas Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Pelczar, Elizabeth Chemistry Hourly-Learning Assistant
Pellegrino, Brett 732-290-3900 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Pellicane, Anthony 732-224-2105 Criminal Justice Professor-Criminal Justice
Pepe, Barbara History Adjunct-History
Perciballi, John 732-224-2822 Office of Information Technol Sr. Systems Administrator
Perez, Christian Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Perrella, Anthony Educational Technology Service Hourly-Media Technician
Perrone, Michelle Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Perrotta, John Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Perrotta, Kathleen College Store Hourly-Common Services Clerk
Peters, Callandra Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Petersen, Kristen 732-224-2152 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Peterson, Holly 732-224-2758 Marketing & Creative Service Web Administrator
Peterson, Steven Architecture Adjunct-Architecture
Petillo, Michelle English Adjunct-English
Pfeffer, Richard 732-625-7058 Brookdale At Freehold Campus Deanv- Freehold
Phelan, John English Adjunct-English
Phelps, Jana Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Phillips-Ruggiero, Maryjo Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Pickett, Maryann Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Picone, Ellen Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Pietropollo, Frank Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
Pietrunti, Megan Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Pilevsky, Dillies Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Pilling, Richard Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Pindilli, Doris Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Pingitore, Joseph 732-224-2284 Office of Finance & Operations Director-Finance
Pinto, John 732-521-0030 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Piotrowski, Audrey Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Pirozzi, Jessica Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Pirrotta, Michael Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Pirzad, Shahin 732-224-2904 Chemistry Professor-Chemistry
Pitts, Christine EOF Office Volunteer
Pizzo, Dana Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Poinsett, James 732-224-2902 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Pollack, Andrew Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Pongrac, Laura Mathematics Adjunct-Math
Ponterio, Danielle 732-224-2384 Grants-Community Develop Hourly
Ponterio, Elaine Brookdale At Neptune HEC Assistant
Poosikian, George 732-224-1884 Automotive Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Automotive
Pope, Donna 732-224-2614 English Assistant Professor-English
Popovich, John 732-224-2817 Office of Innovation & Learn Administrator-Office of Innovation & Learning Resources
Poracky, Kathleen Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Poss, Kimberly Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Post, Keith Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Postlewait, Bryce Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Powers, Susan 732-224-2996 Office of Continuing & Prof St Associate-Continuging & Prof Studies
Prasad, Conner Athletics Camp Supervisor-Sports Camps
Prendimano, Gwendolyn English Adjunct-English
Prentice, Joni Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Presti, Denise Financial Aid Hourly-Office Assistant
Preston, Bruce Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Prignoli, Frank 732-224-2673 Languages/ESL Academic Tutor-Languages/ESL
Prodoehl-Caniano, Deborah 732-674-0131 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Prohaska, Michael Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Propert, Stephen 732-224-2338 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Prudente, Anne 732-224-2498 Reading & Learning Dis Instructional Assistant-Reading
Przybylowski, Walter English Adjunct-English
Puga, Karen Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Puga, Marcos Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Purcaro, James 732-625-7000 Police Security Guard-Brookdale At Freehold
Qaissaunee, Laura 732-224-2224 Grants Development Director-Grants & Institutional Development
Qaissaunee, Michael 732-224-2879 Engineering & Technology Professor-Engineering & Technology
Quaglietta, Theresa Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Quinn, Denis 732-572-2253 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Quinones, Robert 732-224-2396 Student Life & Activities Director-Student Life & Activities
Quint, Lauren Performing Arts Center Hourly-Office Assistant
Rackham, Suzanne Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Radcliffe, Lori Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Radel, Daniel Eastern Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-History
Raffa, Beverly Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Rafferty, Colette Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Raghunandan, Gowri Brookdale At Long Branch Hourly-Learning Assistant
Raghunandan, Samidheni Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Rahman, Mohammad 732-224-2840 Office of Information Technol Sr. Systems Administrator
Rainiero, Camille Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Raker, Jack Computer-Aided Drafting/Design Adjunct-Drafting & CADD
Raleigh, Evamarie Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Ramelli, Jennifer Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Ramirez, Sonia Respiratory Therapy Adjunct-Respiratory Therapy
Ramos, Wendy 732-224-2742 Human Resources & Org Safety Associate-Human Resources
Rao, Jayakumar Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Rao, Sanjeev History Adjunct-History
Rasmussen, Micah 732-938-1036 Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Raso, Joan 732-224-1886 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Raspe, Jeffrey 732-224-2457 Radio Station Senior Specialist-Production
Rattigan, Richard Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rauch-Sasseen, Anna 732-224-2857 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Rauso, Suzanne 732-224-2505 English Adjunct-English
Raymond, Marilyn 732-224-2797 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Re, Elieen Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Redzinak, Kathleen Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Reed, Matthew 732-224-2264 Office of VP Learning Vice President for Learning
Reese-Berardo, Janice Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Regan, Eve Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Reid, Christopher Networking Adjunct-Networking
Reid, Evelyn English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Reid-Hector, Janet Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Rein, Millicent Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Reinhart, Roland Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Reklaitis, George 732-224-2940 History Associate Professor-History
Reng, Karen 732-224-2162 Teaching & Learning Center Hourly
Resenhoeft, Annette Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Revesz, Heather 732-224-2812 College Store Supervisor - Textbooks
Reyes, Jeana Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Reynolds, Joseph Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Sandy Hook
Reynolds, Troy Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Rezny, Chuk Kwan Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Ricci, Annette Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Ricciardone, Gaetano Biology Adjunct-Biology
Riccobono, Anthony Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Richardson, Amanda English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Richardson, Kathleen Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Rickert, Traci Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Ridley, David Scott 732-224-2091 English Associate Professor - English
Ridolfi, Kimberly 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Riemen, Andrea Music Hourly-Office Assistant
Rienzo, Donna English Adjunct-English
Riepl, Bridget Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Riley, Thomas 732-224-2424 Chemistry Instructor-Chemistry
Rinaldi, Jenna 732-224-1900 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Rinaldi, Paul 732-224-2491 Business Management Adjunct-Management
Rivas, Thomas Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Rivera, Christina Athletics Camp Aide-Sports Camps
Rizzo, Joseph Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Rizzuto, Nancy Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Robinson, Allan Music Adjunct-Music
Robinson, Ann Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
Robinson, Joseph 732-224-2544 Education Professor-Education
Robinson, Richard 732-224-2432 Radio Station Programming Coordinator
Rochford, Debra Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Rodriguez, Maria Cecilia 732-229-8440 Brookdale At Neptune Associate -Student Services
Roe, Thomas EOF Office Hourly-Learning Assistant
Roese, James 732-615-2049 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Roff, Patrick Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Rogers, Gilda English Adjunct-English
Rogers, Kimberly English Adjunct
Rogers, Pamela 732-224-2274 Admissions & Registration Enrollment Specialist
Roma, Linda 732-224-2602 ABE/GED Director-Adult Basic Education
Romanczyk, Colleen Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Romanik, Joan Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ronek, Phyllis ABE/GED Hourly-ABE Specialist
Rosa, Raquel Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Roselli, Barbara Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Rosen, Michelle English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Rosenwald, David Physics Adjunct-Physics
Ross, Alice Business Technology Systems Adjunct-Business Technology Systems
Ross, Amy Languages/ESL Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ross, Bonnie 732-224-2056 Nursing Assistant Professor-Nursing
Ross, Jennifer English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ross, Patrick Writing Adjunct-Writing
Roth, Mitchell 732-462-1233 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Roth-Davies, Mary Art Adjunct-Art
Rother, Franklyn 732-224-2919 Academic & Career Transitions Dean-Academic & Career Transitions
Rothman, Allen Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Roubos, Spyro 732-224-2300 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Rowland, Katherine Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Roy, Kathryn Office of Continuing & Prof St Hourly, Program Administrator
Rozario, Rebecca 732-224-1842 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Rubenstein, Nancy Holocaust Education Center Volunteer
Rudinski, Joan 732-224-2335 Office of Business & Social Sc Institute Administrator
Rummel, Brenda 973-723-8691 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Russell, Jerry 732-224-2068 Academic & Career Transitions Administrator-Academic & Career Transitions
Russell, Victoria English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Russo, Denise Office of VP Learning Hourly Associate-Office of VP - Learning
Russo, Mark Physics Adjunct-Physics
Russo, Mary Biology Adjunct-Biology
Ryan, John 732-224-1902 English Assistant Professor-English
Saad, Bassem Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Saada, Geralyn 732-280-7090 Brookdale At Wall Higher Education Assistant-Wall
Said, Ahmed Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Salagaj, Deborah Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Salka, Laurie 732-739-6020 Displaced Homemaker Programs Program Administrator-Displaced Homemaker Services
Salman, Robert Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Salnikova, Tatyana Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Salvatore, Brittany Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty