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Name Phone Department Position
Post, Keith Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Postlewait, Bryce Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Powers, Susan 732-224-2996 Office of Continuing & Prof St Associate-Continuging & Prof Studies
Prasad, Conner Athletics Camp Supervisor-Sports Camps
Prendimano, Gwendolyn English Adjunct-English
Presti, Denise Financial Aid Hourly-Office Assistant
Preston, Bruce Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Prignoli, Frank 732-224-2673 Languages/ESL Academic Tutor-Languages/ESL
Pritchard, Rose Business Management Adjunct-Business Management
Prodoehl-Caniano, Deborah 732-674-0131 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Prohaska, Michael Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Propert, Stephen 732-224-2338 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Prudente, Anne 732-224-2498 Reading & Learning Dis Instructional Assistant-Reading
Przybylowski, Walter English Adjunct-English
Puga, Marcos Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Purcaro, James 732-625-7000 Police Security Guard-Brookdale At Freehold
Puthumana, Stephanie Chemistry Student Worker - Chemistry
Qaissaunee, Laura 732-224-2224 Grants Development Director-Grants & Institutional Development
Qaissaunee, Michael 732-224-2879 Engineering & Technology Professor-Engineering & Technology
Quaglietta, Theresa Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Quinlan, Madeline College Store Hourly - College Store Clerk
Quinn, Alexander Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Quinn, Denis 732-572-2253 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Quinones, Robert 732-224-2396 Student Life & Activities Director-Student Life & Activities
Quint, Lauren Performing Arts Center Hourly-Office Assistant
Radcliffe, Lori Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Radel, Daniel Eastern Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-History
Radisch, Cory Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Raff Corwin, Adriane Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Raffa, Beverly Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Rafferty, Colette Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Raghunandan, Gowri Brookdale At Long Branch Hourly-Learning Assistant
Raghunandan, Samidheni Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Ragucci, Matthew 732-224-2429 Library Hourly-Adjunct Library
Rahman, Mohammad 732-224-2840 Office of Information Technol Sr. Systems Administrator
Rainiero, Camille Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Raker, Jack Computer-Aided Drafting/Design Adjunct-Drafting & CADD
Raleigh, Evamarie Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Ramelli, Jennifer Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Ramirez, Sonia Respiratory Therapy Adjunct-Respiratory Therapy
Ramos, Wanda 732-224-2742 Human Resources & Org Safety Associate-Human Resources
Rao, Jayakumar Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Rao, Sanjeev History Adjunct-History
Rasmussen, Micah 732-938-1036 Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Raso, Joan 732-224-1886 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Raspe, Jeffrey 732-224-2457 Radio Station Senior Specialist-Production
Rauch-Sasseen, Anna 732-224-2785 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Rauso, Suzanne 732-224-2365 Advising Academic Advisor
Raymond, Marilyn 732-224-2797 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Re, Elieen Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Reash, Francis Mathematics Dual Enrollment Adjunct-Math
Redzinak, Kathleen Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Reed, Matthew 732-224-2264 Office of VP Learning Vice President for Learning
Reed-Wood, Taisha College Store Student Worker - College Store
Reese-Berardo, Janice Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Regan, Eve Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Reid, Christopher Networking Adjunct-Networking
Reid, Evelyn English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Reid-Hector, Janet Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Reidy, Lauren Physics Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Rein, Millicent Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Reinhart, Roland Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Reklaitis, George 732-224-2940 History Associate Professor-History
Remhoff, Emily Continuing & Prof Studies Business & Community Development
Reng, Karen 732-224-2162 Teaching & Learning Center Hourly
Resenhoeft, Annette Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Resetar, Carla Continuing & Prof Studies CPS Instructor
Revesz, Heather 732-224-2812 College Store Interim Manager-College Store
Reyes, Jeana Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Reyes, Stephen Brookdale Television Hourly-Senior Production Specialist
Reyes, Victoria College Store Student Worker - College Store
Reynolds, Joseph Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Sandy Hook
Reynolds, Troy Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Rezny, Chuk Kwan Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Ricci, Annette Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Ricciardone, Gaetano Biology Adjunct-Biology
Riccobono, Anthony Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Richardson, Amanda English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Richardson, Kathleen Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Rickert, Lori Nursing Hourly Adjunct-Nursing
Rickert, Traci Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Ridolfi, Kimberly 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Ridoux, Austin Student Life & Activities Student Worker-Student Life & Activities
Riemen, Andrea Music Hourly-Office Assistant
Riha, Lilia Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Riley, Jennifer Chemistry Hourly-Learning Assistant
Riley, Thomas 732-224-2424 Chemistry Instructor-Chemistry
Rinaldi, Jenna 732-224-1900 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Rinaldi, Paul 732-224-2491 Business Management Adjunct-Management
Rivas, Thomas Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Rivera, Christina Athletics Camp Aide-Sports Camps
Rizzo, Joseph Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Rizzo, Melanie Sociology Adjunct - Anthropology
Rizzuto, Nancy Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Robinson, Allan Music Adjunct-Music
Robinson, Joseph 732-224-2544 Education Professor-Education
Robinson, Morgan English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
Robinson, Richard 732-224-2432 Radio Station Programming Coordinator
Rochford, Debra Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Rodriguez, Maria Cecilia 732-229-8440 Brookdale At Neptune Associate -Student Services
Roe, Thomas EOF Office Hourly-Learning Assistant
Roese, James 732-615-2049 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Roff, Patrick Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Rogers, Gilda English Adjunct-English
Rogers, Kimberly English Adjunct
Rogers, Pamela 732-224-2274 Admissions & Registration Enrollment Specialist
Roma, Linda 732-224-2602 ABE/GED Director-Adult Basic Education
Romanczyk, Colleen Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Romanik, Joan Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Rombola, Genesis College Store Student Worker - College Store
Romualdo Albino, Rosemery Languages/ESL Student Worker-Languages/ESL
Ronek, Phyllis ABE/GED Hourly-ABE Specialist
Rosa, Raquel Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Roselli, Barbara Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Rosen, Michelle English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Rosenwald, David Physics Adjunct-Physics
Rosh, Jennifer Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Ross, Alice Business Technology Systems Adjunct-Business Technology Systems
Ross, Amy Languages/ESL Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ross, Bonnie 732-224-2056 Nursing Assistant Professor-Nursing
Ross, Jennifer English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ross, Patrick Writing Adjunct-Writing
Ross, Sharyn Continuing & Prof Studies CPS Instructor
Rosseter, Stephanie 732-224-2047 Advising Academic Advisor
Roth, Mitchell 732-462-1233 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Roth-Davies, Mary Art Adjunct-Art
Rother, Franklyn 732-224-2919 Academic & Career Transitions Dean-Academic & Career Transitions
Rothman, Allen Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Roubos, Spyro 732-224-2300 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Roy, Kathryn Office of Continuing & Prof St Hourly, Program Administrator
Rozario, Rebecca 732-224-1842 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Rubenstein, Nancy Holocaust Education Center Volunteer
Rubin, Marci English Hourly - Academic Tutor
Rubio, Al Joseph College Store Student Worker - College Store
Rudinski, Joan 732-224-2335 Office of Business & Social Sc Institute Administrator
Ruiz, Brianna College Store Student Worker - College Store
Rummel, Brenda 973-723-8691 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Russell, Jerry 732-224-2068 Academic & Career Transitions Administrator-Academic & Career Transitions
Russell, Stacey Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Russell, Tyiesha College Store Student Worker - College Store
Russell, Victoria English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Russo, Denise Office of VP Learning Hourly Associate-Office of VP - Learning
Russo, Mary Biology Adjunct-Biology
Russo, Nicole Community Outreach BCD-Summer Camp
Russo, Paige Community Outreach BCD-Summer Camp
Russo, Patrick Community Outreach BCD-Summer Camp
Ryan, John 732-224-1902 English Assistant Professor-English
Ryan, Lisa Nursing Hourly Adjunct-Nursing
Ryerson, Lauren Hill 732-872-1476 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Saada, Geralyn 732-280-7090 Brookdale At Wall Higher Education Assistant-Wall
Said, Ahmed Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Salagaj, Deborah Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Saleh, Feras Mathematics Student Worker-Mathematics
Salka, Laurie 732-739-6020 Displaced Homemaker Programs Program Administrator-Displaced Homemaker Services
Salman, Robert Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Salnikova, Tatyana Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Salvatore, Brittany Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Salvatore, Margaret Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Salvo, Jennifer 732-224-2668 Reading & Learning Dis Instructor-Reading
Salzer, Melinda Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Samedi, Mary Continuing & Prof Studies Bcd-Direct Pay
San Antonio, Arline 732-224-2089 Office of Innovation & Learn Technology Support Specialist Hrly
Sanchez-Gomez, Aneck Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Sanders, Kelli 732-224-2774 Events Management Coordinator-Conference Facility Services
Sandoz, Karen Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sandve, Eric Writing Adjunct-Writing
Sanguino, Merry Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Sanpietro, Joseph English Adjunct-English
Sansevere, Keri Sociology Adjunct - Anthropology
Santa Croce, Joan 732-224-1976 Nursing Assistant Professor-Nursing
Santora, Donna 908-851-6529 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Santos, Luis Athletics Hourly
Saragusa, Angela 732-224-2635 English Associate Professor - English
Sardoni, Brianne 732-542-1170 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-English
Sasso, Linda Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Sauter, Matthew English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
Savage, Lisa 732-224-2348 Office of Continuing & Prof St Senior Office Assistant-CPS
Scalco, Linda Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Scally, Alyse 732-280-7090 Brookdale At Wall Hourly-Senior Office Assitant
Scalzo, Frank Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Scamorza, Jennifer Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Scanlan, Barrie Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Scannapieco, Thomas 732-224-2376 Athletics Coordinator-Athletics
Scaramuzzino, Catherine Writing Adjunct-Writing
Scarangella, Susan 732-224-2685 Career Pathways Program Coordinator-NNJHPC
Scarinzi, John 732-739-6012 Police Security Guard - Northern Monmouth
Schaus, Peter English Hourly - Academic Tutor
Schedel, Carol 732-224-2692 Respiratory Therapy Professor-Respiratory Therapy
Scheer, Linda 732-224-1900 Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Scheffler, Kurt 732-224-2690 English Professor-English
Scheick, Jonathan Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Scheiner, James English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
Schianodicola, Annamaria Reading & Learning Dis Student Worker-Reading & Learning Disabilities
Schiumo, Robert 732-446-6935 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-History
Schloesser, Theodore Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
Schmelz, Lance Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Schmid, Diane Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Schmidt, Barbara 732-224-2906 Chemistry Instructional Assistant-Chemistry
Schmidt, William Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Schmitt, James Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Schneider, Mary Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Schon, Johanna Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Schoonveld, Chad Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Schroeder, John Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Schuberth, Patricia 732-224-2196 Office of VP Learning Confidential Assistant for Curriculum Development
Schwartz, Aaron Office of Information Technol Help Desk Specialist
Schwartz, Sharon Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Schwartzberg, Mark Writing Adjunct-Writing
Schweitzer, Morgan Athletics Student Worker-Athletics
Sciarappa, Heather English Adjunct-English
Scibetta, Roseann English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Scimeca, Jane 732-224-2984 History Professor-History
Scocco, Joan 732-224-2349 Office of Continuing & Prof St Operations Manager
Scott, Kimberly 732-224-1984 Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Scott-Cruz, Rashida Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Scotto, Emily Chemistry Student Worker - Chemistry
Scutellaro, Guy 732-739-6016 ABE/GED A.B.E. Specialist
Seamon, Arleen Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Sears, Edward 732-224-2116 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Seawright, Rosalind Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Seck, Falilou Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Seely, Jacquelynn Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Seery, Maureen Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Seichal, Frank Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Seide, Susan 732-224-2202 President's Office Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Selheim, Maureen 732-282-2627 Brookdale At Wall Student Services Generalist
Sellitti, James Economics Adjunct-Economics
Senck, Rebecca 732-224-2352 Police Probationary Police Officer
Sensi, Patricia 732-224-2234 Human Resources & Org Safety Associate Vice President-Human Resources & Organizational Sa
Serra, Deborah Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Servidio, Linda 732-224-2649 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Setaro, Thomas 732-224-2403 Computer Science Professor-Computer Science
Seuffert, Barbara 732-224-2422 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Shabat, Tatiana 732-224-2111 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Shafaie, Mohammad Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Shafer, Phyllis 732-224-2018 Business Management Professor-Business Management
Shaffery, Lynne 732-625-7050 Brookdale At Freehold Student Services Generalist
Shah, Manan Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Shakked, Abraham 732-842-1900 Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Shalkhakova, Altan Student Life & Activities Student Worker-Student Life & Activities
Shallcross, Howard Economics Adjunct-Economics
Shaloo, Ashley Biology Adjunct-Biology
Shaloum, Jonathan 732-224-2578 Innovation Center Instructional Designer
Shanehsaz, Mohammad 732-224-2827 Engineering & Technology Professor-Engineering & Technology
Shanley, Agnes Continuing & Prof Studies CPS Instructor
Sharma, Asmita Brookdale At Freehold Student Worker-Brookdale At Freehold
Sharpe, Kimberly Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Shea, Kathleen 732-224-2261 Recruitment Admissions Representative
Shearer, Joanna 732-741-4313 Fitness Fitness-Dance/Yoga Instructor
Sheehan, Deanne ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Sheikh, Aqsa Biology Adjunct-Biology
Shekookian, Sossy Fitness Fitness-Dance/Yoga Instructor
Shelley, Camille 732-224-2328 Office of Information Technol Executive Director-Office of Information Technology
Sheridan, Taylor Athletics Camp EMT-Sports Camps
Sherman, Dennis Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Sherman, James Art Adjunct-Art
Sherman, Maria Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Sherman, Megan Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Sherriff, Shana Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Shields, Joseph 732-224-2171 Speech Communication Academic Tutor-Speech
Shields, Michele 732-842-1900 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Shumanov, Bianca 732-224-2081 Radiologic Technology Laboratory/Studio Assistant
Shupe, Esther 732-224-1509 ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Shymko, Michael Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Shymko, Tina Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sico, John Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Sidley, Edward History Adjunct-History
Sieben, Karen 732-625-7011 Brookdale At Freehold Student Assistant
Sieben, Regina Library Adjunct-Library
Siegel, Janine Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Siegel, Matthew English Adjunct-English
Siegert, Mary Health Information Technology Adjunct-Health Information Technology
Siegle, Frederick 732-224-2900 Athletics Athletic Coach
Sienko, Stephen Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
Siino, Amanda Athletics Camp EMT-Sports Camps
Silbert, Michelle Fitness Fitness-Dance/Yoga Instructor
Silinonte, Juliann Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Silletti, Denise Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Silverstein, Lauren Athletics Hourly Associate-Athletics
Simmons, Perla Nursing Adjunct
Simon, Daniel Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Simon, Troy Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Simonelli, Frank Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Simpson, Paulette 732-774-3363 Brookdale At Neptune Student Services Generalist
Singh, Gina Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Singletary-Eskridge, Chanell Student Life & Activities Student Worker-Student Life & Activities
Sita, David 732-224-2129 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Skarbek, Diana Health Sciences Adjunct-Health Information Technology
Skyer-Brandwene, Nicole Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Skyers, Christina Counseling Adjunct-Counseling
Slattery, Shannon 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Slaughter, Carol 732-224-2090 Library Associate-Library Administration
Smith, Charanne 732-774-3363 Brookdale At Neptune Director-Neptune Higher Education Center
Smith, Marian 732-224-2796 Career Pathways Program Manager
Smith, Maryann 732-224-1879 Biology Associate Professor-Biology
Smith, Nancy Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Smith, Pamela 732-224-2477 Library Senior Office Assistant
Smith, Robin 732-224-1893 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Smith, Tea Mathematics Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Smith, Tracy 732-224-2754 Career Pathways Senior Office Assistant-Career Pathways
Smuga, Claire 732-224-1932 Fine Art Assistant Professor-Art
Smythe, James Common College Student Worker
Snider, Deborah College Store Hourly-Common Services Clerk
Snowiss, Lee 732-625-7047 ABE/GED A.B.E. Specialist
Snyder, Anthony 732-224-2914 History Professor-History
Sobieski, Cynthia Office of Continuing & Prof St Coordinator - Summer Camps
Soden, Sarah Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Soldatova, Irina College Store Student Worker - College Store
Somers, D. Angel Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sondak, Alexandra Continuing & Prof Studies Hourly-Summer Camp Aide
Soriano, Robin Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Sorrell, Richard 732-224-2911 History Professor-History
Sotirion, George 732-224-2704 Office of Information Technol Project Manager
Soto, Jaime Culinary Arts Adjunct - Culinary Arts
Southern, Mark Psychology Dual Enrollment Adjunct-Psychology
Sparaco, Anne Marie 732-224-2759 Office of Finance & Operations Assistant to the Vice President
Spector, Hillary Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Spencer, Laura Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sperber, Paul History Adjunct-History
Spielzinger, Brenda 732-224-2663 Disability Services Office Assistant-Hourly
Sprague, Gabriela 732-224-1907 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Stab, Amy Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Stachowski, Kerry Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Stacy, Janis Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Stafford, Jill 973-714-7394 Library Hourly Adjunct
Standal, Ethan 732-224-2455 Print Shop Senior Technician-Print Shop
Stanford, Sheri 732-224-2137 English Academic Tutor-Writing
Stanley, George Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Stathum, Michelle 732-224-2705 President's Office Confidential Administrator-Office of Advancement
Stein, Edward 732-224-2715 Fine Art Professor-Art
Stein, Nancy EVP-Educational Services Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Stengel, Maryann 732-224-2570 Office of VP Learning Hrly-Senior Office Assistant
Stephenson, Tara Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Stevens, William Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Stevenson, Kathryn Nursing Hourly Adjunct-Nursing
Stevenson, Tammy Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Stivala, Adam Biology Houlry-Instructional Assistant-Biology
Stockton, Lee 732-224-2189 Enrollment Management Enrollment Management Administrator
Stokes, Nathaniel 732-229-8440 Police Security Guard-Long Branch
Stone, Sally Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Stout, David 732-224-2215 Office of Student Success Vice President-Student Success
Stouter, Sharon 732-224-2416 Office of Health Sciences Assoicate-Office of Health Sciences
Strafaci, Edward Economics Adjunct-Economics
Strauss, Joseph Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Stricker, Chris 732-224-2347 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-HVAC
Strickland, Karen English Adjunct-English
Stryker, Beth 732-224-2330 Admissions & Registration Enrollment Specialist
Stubbs, Ceaphas Art Adjunct-Art
Subocz, Bevin Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Sulkowski, Carisa Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Sullivan, Lauren Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Sullivan, Mary Ann Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sullivan, Michael 732-224-2200 Paralegal Assistant Professor-Legal Studies
Sullivan, Sharon 732-224-2989 Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Sullivan, Stephanie Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Sumergido, Mario Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Susman, Brooks Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Sweeney, Frank Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Sweeney, Valerie Respiratory Therapy Adjunct-Respiratory Therapy
Swijter, Sara Library Hourly Adjunct
Szotak, Joseph 732-224-2352 Police Senior Police Officer
Taggart, Kathleen 732-224-2818 Radiologic Technology Instructor-Radiologic Technology
Tait, Scott 732-224-2352 Police Probationary Police Officer
Tallard, Steven 732-239-9482 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Tambaro, Marie 732-224-2420 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Tansey, Catherine Languages/ESL Hourly-Learning Assistant
Taono, Jeanette Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages/ESL
Tarantino, Beth 732-224-2005 Office of Continuing & Prof St Associate-Continuging & Prof Studies
Tarbell, Sarah Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Tartaglia, Janet Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Tasy, Ashley 732-224-2971 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Tatulli, Lauren Economics Adjunct-Economics
Taveras, Ingrid Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Taverna, Virginia Economics Adjunct-Economics
Taylor, Barbara 732-224-2372 Admissions & Registration Associate -Student Services
Taylor, Clifford Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Taylor, Tricia 732-224-2377 Athletics Administrative Assistant-Athletics
Tegethoff, Alexandra Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Tencer, Susan 732-224-2336 Office of Business & Social Sc Senior Office Assistant-Business & Social Science
Teodorescu, Ana 732-224-1923 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Tepfenhart, Mariana 732-571-3400 History Adjunct-History
Tepper, George Business Management Adjunct-Business Management
Terefenko, Charles Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Terreros, Jorge 732-224-2620 Advising Academic Advisor
Textores, Alicia Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Thomas, Ansa 732-625-7003 Brookdale At Freehold Hourly, HEC Assistant
Thomas, Janice 732-224-2174 International Center Director-International Center
Thomas, Lorenzo Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Thomas, Mary Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Thomas, Robert 732-224-1818 Philosophy Assistant Professor-Philosophy
Thompson, Bruce 732-280-7090 Brookdale At Wall Associate -Student Services
Thonney, Paula 732-224-2835 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Thornton, Katrina 732-224-2377 Athletics Athletic Coach
Thornton, Rita 732-842-1900 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct - Environmental Science
Thorp, Robert English Adjunct-English
Thorpe, Sandra Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Thulen, Kelly 732-224-2446 Library Supervisor-Library
Tickner-Jankowski, Ann 732-224-2015 Office of VP Learning Director-Transfer Resources/Articulation
Tierney, ErinMarie Student Life & Activities Hourly Associate-Student Life & Activities
Tierney, Patricia 732-224-2507 ABE/GED Associate -Student Services
Tieso, Joanna Library Hourly-Learning Assistant
Tirado, Lynn 732-224-2866 Office of Information Technol Director-Administrative Systems
Tolchin, Gary Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Tomaine, Raymond Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Tomaino, Christopher Theater Adjunct-Theater
Tompkins, Kelly Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Toomey, Michael 732-224-2548 Fitness Professor-Fitness
Torello, Gina Art Adjunct-Art
Torpey, Robin Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Torres, Edwin Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Tortorelli, Michelle 732-919-1085 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Tow, Don Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Towle, Martin Chemistry Hourly-Learning Assistant
Towns, Jessica Athletics Camp Aide-Sports Camps
Tozzi, Barbara 732-224-2842 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
Trammell, Kathleen 732-224-2511 EOF Office EOF Coordinator
Tran, Anh Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Tranchina, Denise Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Trapp, Rebekka English Adjunct-English
Travostino, Linda Languages/ESL Dual Enrollment Adjunct-Languages
Trezza, Sally College Store Hourly-College Store Assistant
Trigani, Elizabeth Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Trimarchi, Jennifer Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Trocchia, Scott 732-542-3400 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Trofimova, Marianna Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Trotter, Janet Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Tschaen, Patti 732-739-6014 Office of HECs & K16 Student Assistant
Tucker, Paul 732-224-2878 Automotive Professor-Automotive Technology
Turso, Donna Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Turtureanu, Ion Automotive Student Worker- Auto Technology
Tyrrell, Kevin Organizational Safety Hourly-Security Guard
Uffer, Lori 732-224-2743 Fine Art Professor-Art
Umlauf, Debra 732-224-2693 Nursing Instructor-Nursing
Underwood-Rimpel, Rhonda 732-224-2363 Financial Aid Assistant Director-Financial Aid
Unterkoefler, Lori English Adjunct-English
Unterman, Ruth Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Uplinger, Craig 732-542-1254 History Adjunct-History
Urban, Monica Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Urbanek, Susan Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Vaccarella, Mona Business Management Adjunct-Management
Vadala, Lorraine Health Services Hourly-Office Assistant
Van Lew, Kim 732-224-2241 Purchasing Supervisor-Purchasing
Van Nortwick, Joy Transfer/Articulation Hourly-Office Assistant
VanCleve, Leslie 732-224-2387 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Vanderspiegel, Sherri 732-224-2522 Performing Arts Center Supervisor-Performing Arts Center
Vanderwal, Gerdina Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
VanDeventer, William Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Sandy Hook
vanHemert, Bridget Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
VanNortwick, Gina EOF Office Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Varone, Joseph 732-224-2122 English Associate Professor - English
Varvaro, Cassandra Athletics Student Worker-Athletics
Vasilatis, Ariane Chemistry Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Vasile, Kathleen 732-224-2496 English Academic Tutor-Writing
Vasquez, Carl Facilities Administration Daytime Custodial Site Manager
Vasquez, Christine 732-224-2495 English Associate Professor - English
Vazquez Reina, Rafael Physics Adjunct-Physics
Veintimilla, Kristina Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Veitch, Gladys Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Velez, Marianne Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
Venezia, Anne Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Venta, John 732-224-2322 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Verbos, Deborah Nursing Hourly Adjunct-Nursing
Verbos, Kenneth Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Vernikov, Demi College Store Student Worker - College Store
Vespa, Maria 732-224-2497 Accounts Receivable Specialist, Accounts Receivable
Vetser, Cheryl Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Vieth, Cynthia Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Viggiano, John Photography Adjunct-Photography
Vigil, Denise 732-224-2089 Innovation Center Learning Space Specialist-Innovations Center
Virga, Lisa 732-389-0697 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Virgilio, Jodi Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Sandy Hook
Vitale, Michael 848-209-1940 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Vitucci, Laura 732-224-1900 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Vloyanetes, Jeanne 732-224-2478 Library Professor-Library
Vogel, Jennifer Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Vogt, Victoria Athletics Student Worker-Athletics
Vona, Christopher 908-415-6381 English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
vonPier, Adam Performing Arts Center Student Worker-Performing Arts Center
Voogt, Anita 732-224-2599 Office of HECs & K16 Communiversity & K-16 Part
Vorbach, Thomas Business Management Adjunct-Management
Vota, Helen 732-224-2597 College Store Accounts Payable Specialist-College Store
Waclawik, Mary Ann 732-224-2508 Career Pathways Program Administrator
Waclawik, Tom Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Wadych-Ketley, Lucyna 732-224-2577 International Center Hourly-Coordinator
Wahlsten, Patricia Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Walker III, Ambers 732-224-2292 Common Services-Administration Common Services Assistant
Walker, Matthew 732-224-2521 Performing Arts Center Stage Technician
Walker, Paulette 732-224-2924 Testing Services Senior Technician-Testing Services
Wall, William English Adjunct-Writing
Wallace, Richard 973-482-6400 Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Wallis, Lawrence History Adjunct-History
Wallman, Ruth 732-224-2740 Office of Continuing & Prof St Accounting Specialist
Walsh, Candace Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Walsh, Dawn Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Walsh, Linda 732-776-2482 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Walsh, Nancy Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Walsh, Sean History Adjunct-History
Walsh, Thomas Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Walsh, Timothy Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Wandycz, Anne Respiratory Therapy Adjunct-Respiratory Therapy