Instructions

1. If you arrived here without filling out the Online Counseling Session Request Form, please click on the following link before entering a virtual counseling office.

Online Counseling Session Request Form

2. Please have a telephone available during the online session as a backup should the audio connection fail. It is recommended that the available phone be the one listed on the previous session request form.

3. Please be sure to enter the Counselor’s waiting room by clicking one the Virtual Counseling Office links shown below. At this point you will be moved to a queue in the virtual waiting room. As soon as possible, a Counselor will invite you into a virtual office for your meeting.

4. Please be patient and wait. There may be multiple people ahead of you. If you sign out and sign in again, your old spot will be filled with the next student in line, and you will be moved to the end of the line. Please do not sign out.

Please note that Distance Counseling and Advising hours are strictly enforced. Waiting to enter the Virtual Counseling Office does not guarantee that you will be seen. The line gets quite long during peak registration periods, but every effort will be made to help each student who is waiting. Occasionally it is impossible and it will be necessary for you to return during the next Distance Counseling and Advising session. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.