Students seeking accommodations based on their documented disability must self-identify through the Accessibility Services Office. They must qualify for services and reasonable accommodations by making an appointment to meet with the Director and provide appropriate documentation of their accessibility needs at that time. Accommodations being requested must be supported by their documentation.

Please bring the following documentation for a Specific Learning Accessibility Need or Communication Impairment:

1. Educational Test (Achievement) – Current levels of functioning in reading, mathematics, and written language are required. Acceptable instruments include the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery: Tests of Achievement or Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT).

2. Psychological Test (Aptitude) – The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III or IV (WAIS III or WAIS IV) are preferred instruments. The Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery – Revised: Tests of Cognitive Ability or the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Fourth Edition are also acceptable.

3. IEP – Developed in High School

Note: All three documents must be relevant and submitted at the time of the intake appointment.

Please bring the following documentation for all Other Disabilities (i.e. ADD, Physical, Psychiatric, Chronic Health issues):

1. Documentation from a Qualified Professional – Evaluation or Letter must be current and note the following:

– Diagnosis and Diagnostic Code

– How the diagnosis impacts learning

– Recommendation of appropriate, reasonable accommodations

– Letter/Evaluation must be addressed to the college, typed or printed, on professional letterhead, dated and signed

Note: Script or form letters are not considered valid documentation and will not be accepted.

AND (if applicable)

2. IEP or 504 Plan developed in High School

Note: An IEP or 504 plan alone is generally not considered sufficient documentation to receive services.