Alert Form Information

An Alert form will be automatically sent to you at your mailing address at the beginning of each semester that you are enrolled at the College. The envelope will be stamped “Important Document Enclosed.”

The Alert form will state only your name and the accommodations that have been approved for you. It will give no information about your accessibility needs.

You may stop by the Accessibility Services Office and have as many copies as you need made at no cost to you.

You must give a new Alert form to everyone you want to notify each semester. It is your responsibility to give the Alert form to your instructors, learning assistants, lab assistants, tutors or anyone else you are working with at the College, if you want to receive accommodations from them. (D)

It is also your responsibility to meet privately with the person you are giving the form to, in order to discuss how the accommodations listed on the form apply in that particular class or situation. (D)

It is up to you to contact your instructor to make testing accommodation arrangements well in advance of each test. (R)

The accommodations listed on the Alert form will be provided unless it is determined that the provision of the accommodations would jeopardize the integrity of a course.