Natasha Arena, a former student-athlete at Brookdale Community College, credits the institution for teaching her the value of working hard and positively impacting the community. She fondly remembers her time at Brookdale, where she played on the women’s soccer team for two seasons and earned her Associate of Arts in Humanities. Despite Brookdale not being a four-year school, Arena believes that her experience there had a positive effect on her academic and athletic pursuits.

“I have always told many that I wished Brookdale was a four-year school because it always left a positive impression on me in my academics and especially when I played soccer there. I was able to make lasting friendships with my teammates that are still very much a part of my life today.”

Arena pursued her passion for sports and earned a master’s degree in Sports Administration from Ohio University. She began a career as a Client Relations Coordinator and Manager for the New York Jets before becoming a Player Experience Specialist for the National Football League (NFL). Her current role allows her to make a difference in the lives of NFL players and help them prepare for life after football.

Arena’s enthusiasm for sports and desire to impact the life of an athlete is a testament to the values she learned at Brookdale.

“My love of sports has always been with me at such a young age, and it was always something I was proud to be a part of; that locker room environment. When I decided what I wanted my career to look like, it was going to be something I was passionate about, and that was sports; making a difference in my community and being around athletes of the game. Fortunately, that is exactly what I am doing now with my career and working for the NFL. I truly believe that being a Jersey Blue gave me the tools to succeed in my career path.”